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Post Workshop List of Supports

This is a co-created list of tips and tricks from our community for making this journey into the depths and heights of self as grace-filled as possible. We hope it helps in some way.

Much love
Sabrina Lynn and the ReWilding Team

Being in nature – listening to the wind, birds, trees – helps me to recharge and feel support for whatever challenge is waiting next

-I read psychic cybernetics at the moment which is helping me shift wrong beliefs

-Getting up early-taking 1 hour for myself-running, meditating, reading RW Inner Circle posts

-I love the Effortless balance and harmony to be found within nature. It reminds me of a much greater perspective – ‘thy will not my will’ – that we are simply part of a much bigger, beautifully woven whole. Helps ease the pressure we can put on ourselves.
-I truly feel there is *always* some sort of answer/comfort/symbol/guidance to be found in nature, if we’re quiet enough to recognise it. 
-Some kind of bodywork – helps with integrating and grounding, also just nurturing and healing.

-Leaning into Ceres has been huge for me in recent months

-As much loving self-talk as possible – noticing the traps of negative thinking and pulling myself out as soon as I notice

-Leaning into circle is great for me as sometimes friends can’t open to the things I’m experiencing

-Body work is important – just be sure (if you have heightened sensitivity) to find someone who is super clear – this can move stuff through or help me access stuck points..

-If I had access I reckon pets would be amazing as a support, nothing like a snuggle from non-judgmental beings

-Eating well and getting sleep and allowing myself to rest

-Hugs and cups of tea – loads of them.

-I see a kinesiologist/intuitive healer once a month, who helps me work through whatever is coming up for me…she picks up on things with such accuracy and then makes me a unique blend of flower essences.

-I truly feel there is *always* some sort of answer/comfort/symbol/guidance to be found in nature, if we’re quiet enough to recognise it. 

-I have become really interested in vibrational support such as the flower essences/essential oils.
-Be really gentle and kind with myself…
-Music and movement
-Delegate and ask for help

-Take a nap!
-I isolate myself sometimes… from seeing people and from social media.
-I meditate, I use a guided one that uses sounds frequency.

-I remind myself all the time that the challenging times don’t last.
-Allow myself to feel whatever is coming up without judgment and have a really good cry when I need it.

-One thing that works for me is giving myself LOTS of rest after a deep dive.
-Sharing is extremely supportive for me.
-The act of writing my experience can be just as deep of a dive as the journey itself
-I honour and make space for my menstrual cycles. It takes devotion to self, but it’s helping A LOT.
-Cooking myself nutritious meals (even when I haven’t much appetite and only eat a little)

-A bath every night, salt scrubs, self massage, extra sleep, and if I can’t sleep, just extra rest. 
-I see a creative arts therapist via skype once a week

-I keep flowers in the house just because they bring me joy & take walks in nature as often as I can
-Burning Palo Santo, ringing a bell, and singing to fill the space with love and supportive energy.
-I sleep with crystals. I dance. I draw. I listen to uplifting music to raise my mood and my vibration.

-Periodically I see a physio who treats with crystals.. also flower remedies can be helpful to me.
-I see a counsellor periodically as this helps in a certain overarching way.
-A massage would be nice but also I try to get to the osteopath when I can as I find they can really help release stuff and you feel amazing physically too!
-Lately I am feeling really soul-nourished by reading Women Who Run with the Wolves…
-I’ve started an audio book by Cheryl Strayed called Tiny Beautiful Things + have been Watching an inspiring series called “Pursuit of Dreams”.
-The biggest support when it all turns to shit is MUSIC! Either singing myself, playing guitar…&/or listening
-Asking for help with exactly what I need.

-Dancing and painting is also one of my favourites  

-I take time for myself, be it to play sport, run, walk in the hills or just be on my own.
-I get adjusted weekly with Network Spinal Analysis (form of chiropractic) and practice Somato-Respiratory Integration daily.
-I meditate most mornings and evenings for 15-20 mins

-I have an amazing group of incredible, strong, beautiful female friends and we all support each other in amazing ways.
-I always have beautiful scented candles lit as I create a space of healing for myself.
-Poetry to me is my soul singing her hauntingly beautiful truth and I love to write….
-I talk with girlfriends and listen to my girlfriends.
-Having hot stones.

Salt Rinses: for 7 days after a session or when i feel my energy getting heavy i mix 2x shot glasses of either Celtic sea salt or Himalayan Pink salt, fill a jug with pretty warm/ hot water and before i get out pour it over my body it removes stagnant residue and cleanses the Aura. Lifting the energy.
Seaside… just being by the water heals…
Be Gentle… listen to what it is your body requires…
Therapy – it helps me as I am a talker and my psychologist is a great active listener..
Flow: just go with whatever it is that has been brought up, acknowledge your emotions and express them without being critical or laying judgement..
Self love..
Stay away from too much sugar or refined processed foods
Nourish your body and reward it positively.
Sleep/ Rest.. get plenty of it..
Sex: for connection to nurture the self and open to creativity…

– Walk .

-I go in the woods, meditate more, and dig in more to workouts.

-I get in the dirt, plant something

-Remembering that we don’t have to walk this path alone… and leaning in
-I take a lot of time for self care, and am getting better at asking someone else to hold me or hold space for me. 
-Time outside, away from electronics.
-Skin-safe essential oils

-I cook for myself.
-I envision good energetic boundaries around myself.
– Sound Healing session.

– Yoni steaming

-Meditation radio on Pandora.
– Solfeggio Frequency music on Youtube.
-Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Circle. 
-Pull cards from an oracle deck.
-I float in the river

-Listening to Naturespace (a free app with 6 sounds that does holographic sound audio theatre!)

-EFT tapping (I follow Nick and Jessica Ortner)
-Running and hiking.

-I try to be more kind to myself
-Being with animals / pets
I drink more water
-Floatation tanks
-Leaning against a tree

-Boundaries – communicating clearly with my loved ones – just what I need and how I’m travelling so that it’s not taken personally
-Create altars
-Placing my hands on my body and just feeling myself.  
-I go belly-dancing and do somatic movement practices. 
-I talk to my best friend
-I connect to my heart.
-I go for long drives and sing