Lilith: Aspect of the Wild Woman Archetype – Episode 49

Who is the Wild Woman Lilith and why is it that so many women relate so personally and deeply to her story? How does her archetypal energy express in our daily lives and how can exploring her myth help us live a more potent, passionate, authentic life?

In today’s episode, we discuss the myth of Lilith and what to expect when you open the doors to her. We explore the three stages of her evolution as an archetype within us, as well as her innate ability to open us to the fullness of our creative potency, our sexuality and our deepest truths.

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Lilith – in this episode:

2.00: The New Season of ReWilding
4.23: Setting the Energy and Intention For Our Circle
6.35: “I See You” Practice
11.15: Introduction to the Dark Goddess Lilith
15.19: The Myth of Lilith
16.13: Feeling Into the 3 Stages of Lilith (Dormant, Distorted and Divine)
23.00: More on the Myth of Lilith – How She Unleashes In Stage 2 (Distorted)
24.09: What to Expect When You Open the Doors
26.25: Why We Do This Work – Gaining Access to More of Your Shakti, More of Your Juice
29.33: Stage 3 of Lilith – Fully Empowered, Aligned and Divine
33.23: Where We Are As a Society In Relation to Lilith
35.18: Stage 2 of Lilith Directed At Ourselves
36.47: Liberating Yourself From Self-Loathing
38.09: Taking Your Power Back So the Hidden “Reptiles” No Longer Run the Show
44.02: Q and A – Where Can I Find More Info Around Lilith?
45.20: Q and A – How Do We Communicate With Women In Phase 2 When We’re In Phase 3?
48.28: Body-Based Doorways Into Lilith
49.03: Q and A – How And Where to Release Rage
52.23: Q and A – What’s the Divinity of Lilith Like?
54.53: Gratitude and Closing Comments

Artist Credit: Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman at She Who Is Art (Etsy)


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