Spiritual Healing & Awakening Resources by and for LGBTQ+ Folx

by Ayrani Balachanthiran

by Ayrani Balachanthiran

ReWilding for Women aims to support the spiritual awakening and soul embodiment of each and every person who calls themselves “woman.”

We are, however, currently an organization of cis-gendered, straight women. We do not share the experiences of homophobia, transphobia, or systemic oppression that many LGBTQ+ folx live with.

We recognize that for many, working through sexuality- and trans-identity-based blockages is as vital to their soul reclamation as working through gender-based blockages.

So to complement the materials of ReWilding for Women, we are continuously compiling additional resources that we hope LGBTQ+ folx find useful and supportive on their journeys to embodying their whole, authentic, soulful Self.

Teachers & Teachings for LGBTQ+ Healing

Akwaeke Emezi

(Essay) Transition: My Surgeries Were a Bridge Across Realities, a Spirit Customizing its Vessel to Reflect its Nature

(Essay) This Letter Isn’t For You: On the Toni Morrison Quote that Changed My Life

Andrew Harvey

(Audio Course) Gay Mysticism

(Book) The Essential Gay Mystics

(Video Interview) The Gay Elder Series: Andrew Harvey & Dorothy Walters

(Written Interview) Andrew Harvey: The Visionary Gay Mystic, Warrior for Love for Gay Consciousness

angel Kyodo williams

(Book) Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love and Liberation

(Podcast Interview) On Being with angel Kyodo williams

Christina Lopes

(Video) I’m Gay and a Spiritual Teacher. So What?

(Video) Feminine Energy: What It Really Is, Why You Need It & How to Activate It

Raven Kaldera

(Workbook) Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook

(Blog) For Transgender Spirit-Workers

(Blog) See Us Clearly: A Buddhist’s View of Transgender Visibility

(Video) Identity & Authenticity: Tansgender & Transsexual, Ask Teal

(Book) Transgender Spirituality: Man into Goddess

(Essay) Meditations on Tansgender Spirituality

(Essay) Some Reflections on Why Transgenderism is a Gift from the Holy Spirit

Other Resources

(Blog) 5 Steps to Rediscovering Spirituality as a LGBT Person

(Blog) 20 Must-Read Poetry Collections by Queer Female Poets

(Book) Coming Out Spiritually

(Book) Divinely Queer: My Journey Through Sexuality to Spirituality

(Book) From Queer to Eternity

(Blog) Is My Original Face Gay?

(Blog) Joan of Arc: Cross-dressing warrior-saint and LGBTQ role model

(Blog) Lesbian Goddesses

(Guide) LGBTQ Buddhists: Teachings, Profiles, and Conversations

(Book) Queer Magic: LGBT+ Spirituality and Culture from Around the World

(Essay) Queer Spirituality

(Blog) The Queer of Heaven: Goddess Culture and the Empowerment of Gay Women and Men

Instagram Accounts for Daily Wisdom & Inspiration

Annika Izora

Black Trans Circles

Charlotte Allingham

Dr. Crystal Jones

Frances Cannon

Hillybilly Oracle

Monica Pirani

Sophie Hollis