RW 239 — June 6th Astrology: New Moon in Gemini – BIG Magic in Love & Relationships!

🌙 In this episode for the June 6th Astrology, why there’s so much BIG magic in love & relationships at this New Moon in Gemini. Plus, the shamanic healing energy available to fuel your greatest potentials, your greatest life & your greatest path forward.



  • New relationships or fresh starts in current ones!
  • Imagine nothing in the past exists… What lights you up now?
  • What is Love Alchemy?
  • Sacred sexuality & sex transmutation with Venus & Persephone
  • Harness the healing potential to fuel your greatest path forward.

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Listen to “June 6th Astrology: New Moon in Gemini” podcast here…

Topics Explored in “June 6th Astrology: New Moon in Gemini” podcast:

(Times based off audio version).  

  • Magic, relationships & growth (0:00)
  • The challenge of stepping into mastery (2:55)
  • Stepping into your greatest potentials (4:44)
  • Where do you want to aim the magic? (7:13)
  • Zero Point Practice: You’re on a new trajectory (8:11)
  • Venus Practice: Scoop up the love magic (9:53)
  • Saturn: Why you need to keep going! (12:18)
  • Sedna: Let go of the old to leap forward (15:20)
  • Slow it down: Belly breathing (17:32)
  • Owning your power & sexuality (20:05)
  • Hygeia & Chiron Healing Practice (22:34)
  • Move into what lights you up (26:50)
  • New Moon: Honor your new timeline (28:42)

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A gifted facilitator of soul journeys and a revolutionary spiritual teacher leading the way into New Earth sacred technologies, Sabrina Lynn is the creator of the groundbreaking ReWilding Method and founder of ReWilding For Women.

Her unique body of work, with both women and men around the world, centers around embodiment, archetypal journeying, sacred sexuality & sacred union.

ReWilding™ is a modality of healing that allows people to strip away the false and reveal their true and unique soul light,  building their innate capacity to shine it in the world in a way that’s most authentic to them.

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