The Call of Hekate at Samhain

As we travel into the night of Samhain there is an opportunity to lay an altar and gather with our ancestors to seek guidance for our soul path. The thin veils support us to leave behind that which is not in our highest truth and step into our gifts if we will hear the call. This crossroads of life and access to the ancestral wisdom is held by Hekate Queen of the Witches and she is roaring through to support you tonight.

Hekate, an Archetype of the Underworld, holds deep, powerful and ancient feminine wisdom, traversing the spiritual realms accompanied by her three dogs. She is devoted to the snake goddesses, the cycles of death and rebirth, the cycles and laws of nature and brings with her the wisdom of the wise women and elders long since past. She is our direct connection to our gifts, allowing them to surge through our bodies and release the intuitive abilities that we have brushed to the side for too long. She can release our minds from the cage we are in and walk us into the deep cave of our soul to reclaim the parts of the feminine that have been discarded or abused. Her guttural chant calls through the realms to draw you back to the power of your lineage and the thin veil at Samhain is a time when those departed recently or long ago can bring counsel and healing. There is an opportunity to heal the line that carries the fear of Witch burnings and hangings for expressing the gifts we are being asked to reclaim. To heal the fear that still lurks in the deep recesses of our psyche, in our womb, in our hearts…the fear which has no rational explanation today.

As Hekate calls you back to your wisdom, your gifts, your connection to love and the trust in the sacred feminine, there is a message of guidance from this wise, deep archetype; GONE are the days of being in fear, turned against each other and living in disconnect.

GONE are the days where magic could not be shared between women in sacred circle.

NOW we are pregnant with the rebirth of sacredness and intimacy with the divine.

NOW we are taking our place in scared women’s gatherings and dancing, crying, singing, telling ancient stories, journeying with our souls and the earth.

NOW we connect with other soul sisters and journey to different realms and states of consciousness together to reclaim our inner knowing.

We KNOW how to do this.

We KNOW how to bring soul back.

We KNOW how to birth sacredness into our world, into our everyday lives.

We KNOW how to be empowered in our soul gifts once more.

We KNOW innately what we must do to truly live this. Hekate is rising and reconnecting to her witches, urging us to go forth and create a healthy world, one of connection, of fucking FEELING the love, magic, depth and heights, and to honor the deep mysteries. One of respect for the death and rebirth cycles, of our sacred moon cycles, one of fucking deep sacredness and truth.

The fire is lit to connect you with the depths of your soul. Can you feel it? Know you are not the only one feeling it. Know you’re not alone. Know that you are intimately connected to the past, the present and future, the energy that connects us all. Know that we have the ability to heal, but this transformation takes courage. Hekate can guide us through, blasting the doors open, but we must feel it all for the transformation to occur.

Hekate’s ability to traverse the realms will support you as you walk the path of knowing the part of you that is Witch. That part of you that has been feared. That part of you that you have killed off. She calls out “I have had enough of my women, my midwives, my healers, my seers, my medicine women, my oracles existing underground. No more are they silenced and banished from the collective. Enough of this being in the underworld. Enough of women and men living as the walking dead with no connection to their magic, to their ancestors, to their wisdom, to their very depths within the marrow of their bones. For too long we have laid dormant as disconnect, greed and aggression sent our practices underground and banished. Rise and support each other, deep, sweet women. Now is the time we ride on the winds of change and help each other reclaim the soul gifts within. Now is the time to witness each other and bring this process to reality and to everyday life. Now is the time to know the truth that so much exists beyond the tiny world we are born into and thank fuck for that!”

It is not revenge that is sought, but a reclamation, a deep mature rising and remembering. A knowing that we ride on the energy of those who come before you. We have untapped resources in our innate soul gifts, our own unique ability. To follow this is to know which way to turn in your path. Goddess of the crossroads, Hekate will help us stay true to ourselves and our deep truths. She helps guide us through the shit, the issues that arise, the fear, the self-doubt, the criticism from others. She will point out your soul gifts and help you see the direction to take. She is a reminder to take your position in the circle of grand wise women, to take your place once more. To stop looking elsewhere for the elders. You have been birthed and are walking on the earth reading this article for a reason now. The call has sounded, the circle around the great fire of life connecting all the realms is forming. She wants to know; will you take your place?

Written by Elise Heyward of ReWilding for Women

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