RW 21 – Healing the Mother Wound

Healing the Mother wound is a powerful initiation into the Divine Feminine, this transformative process is crucial to unlocking the fullness of Shakti or the Goddess within.  This is an essential step for any woman walking the path of the Divine Feminine.  In this episode we explore:

  • What is the Mother Wound?
  • How does the Mother Wound show up in our lives?
  • What is the relationship between the Mother Wound and the Divine Feminine?
  • What happens when a woman heals the Mother Wound?
  • What is the Great Mother asking of us?

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Healing the Mother Wound – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

2.17: Opening circle – meditation for dropping deeper into self, beyond the mental realm
4.00: Setting your intentions for our time together
5.00: Identifying personal psychological defense/protection mechanisms
6.48: The healing power of vulnerability
8.03: What is the Mother Wound?
9.05: One definition of the Mother Wound – pain the feminine feels for living in a patriarchal society
10.10: Absorbing the energy of the Mother’s womb
10.48: How can Mom’s chakras relate to your Mother wound?
13.00: Womb work – what happened in utero for you?
16.05: Different ways the Mother Wound can show up in our lives
17.37: Story #1 – An example of shutting down parts of self in order to get love and acceptance as a little one
19.23: The #1 key to healing the Mother Wound
20.37: Inner child meditation – Invoking the divine feminine or great mother
22.00: Your soul contract with Mom
24.00: Healing the Mother Wound when we’re mothers ourselves
25.15: Story #2 – An example of healing the Mother Wound for family generations going forward and generations past
28.50: Why it’s crucial to heal the Mother Wound.
29.30: The Divine Feminine and the Mother Wound
31.00: Embodying the Goddess!!  What She’s asking of us.

artwork by Claudia Tremblay


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