In this fiery episode, we explore the masculine and feminine in society and within. This episode gets super juicy and experiential! We dive deep into sacred marriage, body image, and sexuality. We also practice a ritual to support deep healing. Join us in an exploration of:

-Masculine and feminine qualities, and distorted examples of each
-What it means to heal the masculine and feminine
-The gifts of stepping into relationship from a place of wholeness

Using astrology, goddess archetypes, shamanic practices, and personal inquiry, we peel back the layers to reveal what’s holding us back so we can step into our allness.

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Full length audio version

Healing the Masculine and Feminine Within – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

3.52: Invitation to step into circle
4.42: Eclipse energy & themes for ReWilding
5.05: Where in relationship are you settling?
7.15: Gifts of stepping into relationship from a place of wholeness
8.06: Limited expressions of feminine
8.42: Limited expressions of masculine
9.35: Creating freedom
12.42: The dance of masculine and feminine within yourself
14.18: What does it mean to heal the Mother Wound?
16.20: Women’s health and healing
22.40: Coming into fullness of sexuality
23.24: Sacred union
26.01: The dark goddess
29.18: Masculine disempowerment
34.45: Eclipse ritual
43.58: Live Q&A – How can you honor your natural rhythm if you don’t bleed due to contraceptives?
45.47: Live Q&A – What’s the number one recommendation for what to do during eclipse?
46.50: Live Q&A – How can you develop trust in the masculine after being so deeply wounded?
49.45: Live Q&A – How to work through challenges with your partner when you’re ReWilding?
53.35: Closing circle

Art credit: Tina Skaza, ReWilding For Women group

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