Hades, God of the Underworld, Brings Liberation to the Feminine

Introducing the Archetype of Hades / Pluto in relation to the feminine awakening path.

Hades, God of the Underworld in the Greek pantheon, is the overseer of the process of death and rebirth, both in the physical and spiritual realms. Hades rules and presides over that which is hidden in society and deeply within ourselves. This archetypal energy is one powerful bringer of change and igniter of passion in a world that so often wishes to keep the hidden hidden, the secrets swept under the carpet and the shadows locked away. 

Potently oozing deep, unashamed masculine sexual power he can incite immense arousal, fear of power, deep desire to explore the darker sides of sexuality, resistance to change and other shadow aspects we hold around all things that are associated with power. This is why it’s so transformative and revelatory to consciously work with this energy. To open, awaken and clear out any of the murky debris in this particular line within us and to see this energy as an aide to our path and an important aspect of the deep journey into knowing thyself.

The Dark God energy of Pluto brings the message that it’s time to break down our walls, to re-do our boundaries and to prepare for massive transformation. This energy doesn’t give a fuck whether this message is politically correct or not. He’s here to shake things up, to unearth the hidden truths lying deeply within his kingdom., to rattle old, outdated ways, to break down restrictions and to rebuild the new way. He’s here to bring death to the old and bring about change for the new direction both within our lives and in the collective. 

Reflective questions to consciously work with Hades / Pluto:

  • Passion: How open are we to this within us? How comfortable are we to be witnessed in this?   
  • Sexuality: Can we trust our own sexuality? Do we hide from aspects of it? Can we be raw and honest to even allow ourselves to see our desires? What’s held in the shadows here?
  • Power: Are you in fear of your own power? Do you fear power in others? Do you self sabotage to keep yourself unseen, unheard? Where do you play the victim card in your life? Where do you give your power over to others?
  • Boundaries: Who or what makes you feel off? How can you ensure you look after your power and energy during this transformational time? Where do you put others before yourself and your self care?
  • Change: How open are you to change in your life? How can you prepare yourself for a shake up? Do you resist change? Do you desire to control everything in your life?

His raw power demands us to strip naked and be authentic in a powerful, deep, thundering way.

What does this mean? It’s an invitation to fucking own our sexuality, our deep fears, our deep desires and our lustful human ways. As well as, the judgements of these qualities in others, showing us where we might be suppressing, hiding or running from them.

And if we feel like sexuality isn’t a ‘thing’ for us, how about healing our wounds around power; the fear of misusing it, or it being misused on us and begin to step deeper into our dance with our wholeness as woman. When we suppress or run from our shadows, whatever the area of life it lands in, we give over our power to it, and it continues to haunt us, or follow us, or chase us. We can’t outrun our shadow!

What he implores us to do is to stop running, to look at our shadows, our fears and the deepest, most hidden parts of ourselves and then accept them as part of the human experience that we are having WITHOUT judgement and fucking free ourselves from this ridiculous need to fit into a structure that we’re clearly growing out of. It’s time to do the work, to get real with ourselves and to fucking step up. 

This archetypal energy LOVES to transform us into the the fully-charged, passionately awake, deeply connected WILD woman that we so very much yearn to be. Are you going to step through this open door and say YES?

written by Elise Heyward of ReWilding for Women

More In-Depth Work with Hades/Pluto… 

If you’re feeling called to work with the energy of Hades/Pluto check out our Persephone Online Retreat: A Journey into the Underworld to Reclaim Feminine Fullness. This retreat explores sacred sexuality, tantric expression and the divine union between Hades and Persephone. You can find all the details here: Persephone Online Retreat.

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  1. caite on October 27, 2019 at 11:40 am

    thank you Sabrina with all that you share…I am RIGHT IN ALIGNMENT HERE! lol Choosing to leave a 19 years marriage…fear , scared and STILL moving forward…making a plan and taking one day at a time…

    it seems I am so in this lol

  2. Vivien Beere on December 13, 2019 at 8:57 pm

    Yes thanks! If you know how do your own chart, (try Astro.com for free chart )of you might like to check out asteroid Chariklo in your birth chart Put 10199 into the extras box plus 100 for Hekate and 149 for Medusa while you are at it! Chariklo is the wife / counterpoint of the wounded healer archetype Chiron who is now included as a matter of course . She seems to be about holding attentive discerning loving space .. and right now she is transiting with all those intense Pluto Saturn Venus energies in Capricorn As I read it there is profound holding for all our transformative challenges .. live n blessings