hades and persephoneSo you speak of sacred union? You speak of soul connection? You speak of twin flames and give all the titles to what it should be?

But, how much of this is masked by your instilled perception of what a relationship is? How much of this is still deeply hidden in the recesses of your mind to be placed within the neat little constructs of your conditioned fairy tale happily-ever-after model? Or perhaps you are still watching those romance movies which continually reinforce that message in the collective to reveal how relationships are in one way or another.

How conscious are you in all of this? Are you one who puts pressure on yourself to make a date become more? Are you able to stay in the moment or do you desire to mold another or yourself into what a relationship should look like? Are you stuck in a relationship that no longer fits? Are you conforming in relationship? Are you co-dependent in relationship? Are you repulsed by the thought of being in relationship?

Your answers to these questions are a good way into the hidden realms of self, don’t let them go to waste. 

The depths of you, your soul, your shadows, your deepest fears, your deepest desires and your deepest and highest truths is what sacred union is in the Dark God/ Goddess territory. Where you feel the two working within your body so passionately, so deeply, in such a devastatingly destructive way to evolve beyond these constructs we have deeply ingrained within us around relationships.

The dark energies; potent, purifying, liberating, push the boundaries within us and require us to look at the way we both limit ourselves and are limited by the constructs that exists both within self and outside of self in the collective. It’s time now to shine a light on the way we operate, the way our desires, loneliness, and yearnings can be used against us to keep us in a distorted, un-evolved, disempowered state. 

When Hades and Persephone are at work within they highlight the areas where we need to release, disentangle, and reclaim. Persephone tell us that there are many ways to be in relationship, beyond what has been modeled to us. Hades wants you in your wild, unhindered, raw, open, FULL Self. He’s asking you to embody the feminine in an authentic way and let go of anything that does not align.

So, where is it you compromise yourself in relationship?

Where is it you limit yourself? Where is it you restrict yourself in order to conform and fit in? Where is it that you still dream of a knight in shining armor to come and rescue you? Where is it that you repel the thought of relationship because you fear being hurt or betrayed? Where is it you fear to look deeply within yourself to have a deep intimate relationship with Self? Where is it you burn for truth, but fear going into your underworld to experience it? 

Hades and Persephone are here in sacred union, both masculine and feminine energetics pointing to the truth of the out-dated view society has regarding relationships and our constructs around it. They are making wild, fiery, passionate love and the ripple effect this has in our lives and energetics right now is one of blowing up the structures around union and empowering both men and women to consciously look at their situation, whatever it is; single, married, in partnership, etc.

Challenge yourself to find the truth.

Is there something to see right now in your perception of relationships, or in your relationship at the moment? Time to release the old, out-dated ways of relationships and open to the new; however it looks, feels and works for you!

Written by Elise Heyward of ReWilding for Women

Artwork by Anathematixs

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