BONUS – FULL MOON APRIL 2023: Our Final Astrology Episode (Libra Full Moon Astrology)

This Full Moon April 2023 opens the Eclipse portal! ⚡️ This is our last ReWilding Astrology episode and we’re celebrating with 20% off our Eclipse & Shadow Workshops! 🎉 Get the most our of this Libra Full Moon Astrology, including Pluto square the Nodes of Fate, Chiron, Wounded Healer conjunct the Sun & Jupiter (and so much more)!


  • 🌕 Where are you wasting life force energy to keep things swept under the carpet?
  • 🌕 A practice to unlock & unleash your soul power
  • 🌕 How to bring unconditional love & full acceptance to your deepest shame
  • 🌕 Why radical acceptance & honesty are being asked of you
  • 🌕 Ways to empower yourself to sail smoothly through Eclipse Season


Get lifetime access to one or both of these powerhouse workshops to journey your destiny line, the Nodes of Fate, or go into your Underworld and discover your Golden Shadow!

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🐉 UPDATE since this episode was recorded… we’re feeling to add a tiny bit more to this program so we’re going to hold off on opening it for now. If you’re interested in hearing more about it when it comes out, the best way to stay up to date is to sign up to our newsletter! We’ll announce it there first. 👉

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What’s in this Full Moon April 2023 episode:

(Times based off audio version).

  • The final episode of ReWilding Astrology (0:00)
  • The Eclipse Season portal is open! (4:59)
  • SOUL journeying to drop your karmic baggage (8:19)
  • A practice to UNLEASH your life force energy (11:32)
  • Pluto squaring the Nodes of Fate: Do SHADOW WORK!! (16:33)
  • What is DRAGON energy & how to work with it? (19:28)
  • Unlock your deep, DARK pleasure (22:34)
  • The lifelong journey with CHIRON, Wounded Healer (30:08)
  • This Eclipse Season requires HONESTY & TRUTH! (35:48)
  • Giving your soul’s greatest gift to the world (39:52)

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