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In this Masterclass, You'll Discover...


  1. The gifts and mysteries that each of the six faces of the feminine holds, and how working with them will transform your life.
  2. How to work with the Divine Feminine in an embodied way, so you can take back (or awaken more of) your power, your feminine essence and your life-force.
  3. Which aspect of feminine energy you should work with right now to unlock your hidden gifts and hidden potential—parts of yourself that you would perhaps never find without it.
  4. And so much more!


  1. The True Essence of Eris: Unveil the power of the goddess beyond myths and misconceptions.
  2. Empowerment Through Eris: Learn practical strategies to invoke Eris's strength in your daily life.
  3. Healing and Transformation: Embark on a journey of healing, using Eris's energy to transform personal and past challenges into sources of power.
  4. Spiritual Awakening: Connect with the divine aspect of Eris to experience spiritual growth and enlightenment.
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A gifted facilitator of revolutionary women’s work and leading feminine embodiment expert, Sabrina Lynn is the creator of the groundbreaking ReWilding Way and founder of ReWilding For Women. 

With a global following of over 350,000, Sabrina has led more than 70,000 people through programs based on the ReWilding Way, a modality of healing that strips away the false, the deep wounds from early life, and the fears that hold people back, to reveal their true and unique soul light, and to build their innate capacity to shine it in the world in a way that’s most authentic to them.

For 15 years, her remarkably effective practices have taken participants in her programs beyond the conscious mind, into the deep realms of the body and psyche, where true, lasting transformation and empowerment lies. Now she can be your guide too!

Sabrina brings all of her research, knowledge and experience to this program, guiding you into the most profoundly, transformative embodiment work that can be found online!

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