FORBIDDEN FEMININE: Unveiling the Secrets, the Mysteries & the Magic – Episode 109

What if getting in touch with your Forbidden Feminine was the key to uncovering your true self? To understanding your most authentic wants and needs? To living a more heart- and soul-aligned life?

Would you go there?

We hope so! Because in this episode we open the very door that takes you there.

This week’s episode is an amazing exploration into this hidden world, offering many reflective questions and practices. If you would like to continue this exploration of the Forbidden Feminine, the Persephone Online Retreat is a spectacular way to do so!

Topics Explored in Forbidden Feminine – Episode 109:

  • Discover the aspects in yourself that you consider taboo
  • Where you might be unknowingly judging or limiting yourself
  • Uncover what feels completely forbidden, but true
  • Rewiring our beings to have the capacity to hear our deep inner truth
  • The Persephone online retreat is a super potent way to explore the Forbidden Feminine

*Please note that the coupon code mentioned in this episode has expired.

Watch the Forbidden Feminine video episode here…

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Forbidden Feminine Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to Episode 109, which is all about the Forbidden Feminine and seeing ways that we are unconsciously limiting and blocking certain authentic expressions of ourselves.

0:50 – What is the Forbidden Feminine?

1:30 – Inviting us to go into the deep operating patterns that we don’t even know are running the show, with so much compassion for ourselves.

2:26 – Start of the LIVELet’s take a couple of deep breaths together to bring ourselves into Circle.

3:27 – What is the Forbidden Masculine/Feminine for you? 

4:00 – Weaving in the energy of Friday the 13th.

6:15 – A reflection question: For me, what is Taboo Feminine? What is Forbidden Feminine? (Please comment!)

8:20 – What is taboo for each person is so different.

9:09 – What aspects of ourselves are we judging?

11:20 – An example of Forbidden for some is wild/chaotic emotions and how quickly they can change.

12:55 – Shifting over to feminine in intimate relationship: Do I feel I can fully express in intimate relationship? Or are there aspects of it that are forbidden?

15:50 – The feminine is love, emotion, raw energy, Shakti, life-force.

19:37 – Raw, feminine essence is creative force and giving birth.

20:22 – Is there some sense of judgement around your creative nature?

21:21 – The feminine wants to connect. Where do we judge ourselves around connection?

23:11 – Feminine is the essence of life and divinity embodied.

23:46 – What is the Forbidden Feminine relationship to our bodies?

24:50 – What is my relationship to embodiment? (This is one of the biggest aspects in Forbidden Feminine.)

26:16 – Seeing it is the first step to setting it free. This is why shadow work/journeying into the Underworld is so powerful.

28:00 – How deep in your body are you?

28:35 – We cannot judge where we’re at, in fact, the judgement alone pushes it even deeper.

29:30 – If I were going be honest about what turns me on, what feels authentic? What feels forbidden but true?

34:02 – Feel into where you don’t feel like you can express yourself fully or let loose.

34:48 – For those who are doing the Persephone Online Retreat right now, you’re doing the work of opening up into those forbidden places.

35:55 – Whatever it is you do, find authentic ways that get you past the mind/just thinking about it/mental realms.

37:10 – We don’t even know sometimes what we find forbidden, that’s how tricky this is.

37:45 – The Persephone Online Retreat is one doorway in.

38:03 – Life is so full, so magical, so creative and we are constantly receiving messages. We just have to rewire our beings to have the capacity to hear our deep inner truth.

41:08 – Really a lot of love for our community and a ton of gratitude!

*Please note that the coupon code mentioned in this episode has expired.

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