Following your inner guidance on a deeper level can be easier than we think. These practices and the discussion help us to hear and open to the deep intuitive wisdom within.

Where does inner wisdom come from? How do we know when shakti is speaking to us? How do we connect with and trust the guidance she offers?

In today’s episode, we explore the path of awakening – from the continuous humbling to the bliss and divinization. We offer practices that help you shift the dial to your inner wisdom and open to the guidance of shakti. We offer ways to discern and trust the path and surrender to the flow.

ReWilding For Women is a unique set of practices that draws from astrology, meditation, archetypal embodiment, shamanism and personal inquiry to peel back the layers so we can step into our fullness.

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Full length audio version

Following Your Inner Guidance – in this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

2.48: BIG Announcement!! First In-Person Retreat In the US!!! Open to 18 Women In Colorado This October!!
5.02: Opening Circle / Practice #1: Deep Breathing Into Base of the Spine / Kundalini Rising
9.40: Examples of Shakti Awakening
12.02: Various Shakti Expressions Depend On Where We Are In Our Lives – Free Yourself From Judgment
14.30: The Continuous Humbling on the Path of Awakening
17.04: How Does It Feel when you Begin Following Your Inner Guidance?
19.14: Recognizing When Shakti Is Speaking To Us – She IS Absolute Love
21.16: Practice #2: Opening the Channel / Putting A Hand On Your Womb
24.12: Inviting the Wisdom In / Additional Practices That Help Open the Channel
29.29: Different Shakti Hold Different Wisdom and Will Take You to Different Guidance
33.44: Getting In the Flow / Trusting Shakti and Taking Action on Her Guidance
36.54: Reflecting On and Re-Connecting With the Flow
39.14: The Birth of ReWilding / Following Shakti Leads to Unfoldings Beyond Our Comprehension
40.42: Q&A: How Do We Go Back to Follow the Guidance We Didn’t Hear? Is the Guidance Still Right?
43.02: Q&A: How Do We Translate Shakti? Working With the Goddess Saraswati
45.22: Q&A: How Do We Open and Connect More? Awaken and Hear More?
48.09: Gratitude and Closing Comments


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