Reclamation of the Feminine Changes the Trajectory of Humanity!?

Let’s do something big together! Let’s awaken to so much of our divine feminine essence that we alter the current trajectory of humanity!

Crazy, right?

In my heart of hearts, I don’t believe it is.

Hear me out… 

What if we were to embody so much love, so much grace and so much divine feminine truth that the world has no choice but to start to balance itself out? What if we were to open and awaken to so much feminine essence that we hit the collective tipping point and caused a shift in consciousness, a balancing out of the masculine and feminine and a union between the two that will not only sustain us for the rest of our lives on this planet but will also sustain our children’s lives and our children’s children’s lives as well?


We open and awaken to as much of our true essence as we possibly can… especially our feminine essence (which we all know has been beaten, battered, de-valued and repressed for centuries upon centuries). 

We work toward stepping into our all-ness, our fullness, our everything! 

We reclaim our witch, our prostitute, our warrior and our lover!

We stop hiding these parts of self for fear of judgement from the outside world. We stop playing it small for fear of refection, abandonment and persecution. We stop allowing old, outdated family patterns to rule our adult lives. We stop. We simply… STOP. 

And then, we make a promise to ourselves to awaken, open and heal. We vow to do the reclaiming work necessary, knowing that we don’t just do it for ourselves; we do it for our children, our planet, our partners, our lovers, our families, our communities… OUR SOULS!!”

Right now, the ReWilding community and I are stepping into this by working toward the reclamation of as much of the fullness of our Inner Feminine Lover as we possibly can.

I’d love for you to join us! You’ll find all the details here Journey into the Lover Goddesses

To help make this journey as accessible as possible for every woman in our community we’ve made the price $37USD (good for the next 8 days). 

If the price point of $37USD is totally unmanageable for you, email us at and we’ll help you out with a scholarship discount.

On the other hand, if you feel inspired to support a sister, you can purchase 2 workshops and we’ll gift one to a woman who’s reached out to us. We’ll also match your gift, which means that if you purchase an extra workshop, we’ll give away two to women who’ve reached out. We’ll know on our end if you purchase an extra workshop but if you feel to email us to let us know, please do, we’d love to hear from you! 

We’ll honor the new release price of $37 USD, the scholarship requests and the gift giving until midnight PDT on 22 August 2019. 

(Please note, we are a very small and very stretched team so if you do send us a message, please give us 24 hours to respond.)

Hope to see you for the journey, sister! 

Here’s to the reclamation of our all-ness and the tipping of the scales that, in my heart of hearts, I know is possible!

With so much wild, ferocious, transformative love,
Sabrina Lynn

(artist credit: Rose Bannister)