RW 245 — Feminine Empowerment – It’s NOT What You Think! (What Your Feminine Heart Is REALLY Longing For)


What is feminine empowerment? Perhaps it’s not what you think! In this episode, learn about what your feminine heart is really longing for, the 4 gifts of feminine empowerment, understanding masculine & feminine energy (it’s not about gender!), and why the Dark Goddess archetype is the best doorway into feminine empowerment! Plus, the 3 most important ways to step into feminine empowerment and why the world needs it!


  • 4 gifts of feminine empowerment (This might surprise you!)
  • Why work with the Dark Goddess? (What’s hidden in you? Become your most empowered, radiant self!)
  • The 3 EASY steps to empowerment! (You got this!!) And more!!



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Listen to “Feminine Empowerment” podcast here…

Topics Explored in “Feminine Empowermentpodcast:

(Times based off audio version).  

  • We’re back to our Dark Goddess roots! (0:00)
  • Coming home to true self (6:36)
  • What your feminine heart is really longing for (9:45)
  • Why are you so tired all the time? (11:41)
  • You body knows this! (13:45)
  • This is not about gender! (16:07)
  • What’s so special about the archetypes (19:36)
  • Dark Goddess: What’s hidden in you? (23:54)
  • Becoming your most empowered, radiant self (26:55)
  • How do I stop being a people pleaser? (30:11)
  • Nothing can dull your shine (32:11)
  • Find the value in feminine empowerment (36:03)
  • Discipline, time & sacred space (38:12)
  • Create a healthy relationship with your intuition (39:34)
  • Empowered feminine sexuality (42:14)
  • The world needs feminine empowerment (44:38)

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A gifted facilitator of soul journeys and a revolutionary spiritual teacher leading the way into New Earth sacred technologies, Sabrina Lynn is the creator of the groundbreaking ReWilding Method and founder of ReWilding For Women.

Her unique body of work, with both women and men around the world, centers around embodiment, archetypal journeying, sacred sexuality & sacred union.

ReWilding™ is a modality of healing that allows people to strip away the false and reveal their true and unique soul light,  building their innate capacity to shine it in the world in a way that’s most authentic to them.

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