In societies all around the world we see evidence of the feminine rising. What, specifically though, does the feminine rising look like? What are the different aspects of the feminine? What does it look like when these are repressed? What is on offer? And what does it look like when these various aspects of the feminine are expressed in full and healthy way?

In today’s episode, we explore the six faces of the feminine; the mother, lover, warrior, dark goddess, medicine woman and mystic. We invite these 6 aspects to be a framework to deepen our practice and strengthen our connection with Shakti, with each other, and with ourselves.

ReWilding For Women is a unique set of practices that draws from tantra, shamanism, astrology, meditation, archetypal embodiment, and personal inquiry. These ReWilding practices peel back inauthentic layers we may have absorbed and assist us in awakening to the fullness of self.

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Huge love to you and thank you for being here!
Sabrina Lynn

Full length audio version

Feminine Rising – in this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version of this episode.)

2.00: Introduction to Today’s Topic Feminine Rising
2.50: Invitation to Use This as an Online Workshop
8.25: Feeling into the Different Faces of the Feminine
9.30: Invitation to Ground and to Open Self
11.50: Being Held and Being in Service to the Feminine
10.25: Aligning to Shakti in Regards to Decision-Making
14.10: Deepening into Our Practice
15.40: Explanation of What ReWilding Is
18.43: Feeling into Mother
23.00: What Shifts When Working With Mother
27.20: Asking Ourselves Questions Around Mother
28.25: Shifting into the Warrior
30.15: Discussion on the Divinity of the Warrior
33.10: Going into Medicine Woman
34.15: The Gifts of the Medicine Woman
40.25: Going into Dark Goddess
41.55: Explanation of How Dark Goddess Works
45.15: Talking About the Lover
45.30: What’s On Offer With the Lover
49.25: Going into the Mystic
50.45: Working With the Mystic
57:10 Q and A -How Do We Heal the Warrior Archetype and the Throat Chakra?
1.00.00: Q and A – How Do We Start?
1.03.50: Clearing, Letting Go, and Doing Past the Fear and Self-Sabotage
1.06.30: Gratitude and Closing Comments


  1. Emma Jean Gawronski on November 3, 2020 at 5:00 am

    thank you, thank you, thank you
    I can not express with words, so I will embed my deep gratitude into the words as I type,
    thank you thank you thank you.
    You are lighting up the path that I have been walking home, and now I know where I am going and what I am moving through. The ripples you send out are hitting me with so much force, thank you thank you thank you. The last piece of my puzzles are coming together, and the work you are doing has given me so much security and stability during my rewilding. Thank you thank you thank you.

    We are here.

    • rewildingadmin on November 4, 2020 at 1:35 pm

      Oh Emma, sister! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being here with us, for continuing to walk this path even when you could not see where you were or where you were going! Yes! We are here!

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