Discover the Dark Goddess; the ultimate healing, transforming, truth demanding part of self.  In this episode we explore the aspect of the Wild Woman that is the ferocious, dark face of the sacred feminine; goddess like Kali, Lilith, Medusa, Hecate and the Black Madonna.

We walk into the transformative, healing powers this wild face of the feminine holds for us.  We talk about how to access her and how to get to a place where the divinity of this dark, wild face can be embodied and expressed through our entire being.  As Andrew Harvey states, “How can you have the sacred marriage when the bride is tied up in the basement.”  Meaning how can you ever come fully into your power, fully into your purpose, fully into relationship when an aspect of you is kept repressed, hidden and locked away?  She’s roaring to be seen, heard and felt.  Can you open to this incredibly powerful, unconditional loving part of self?  Should you dare to, she’ll gift you with everything.

Enjoy the show.

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P.S.  ReWilding will be off the grid and on holiday from 15 December to 15 January.  Next episode will be posted middle of Jan!  Have a beautiful holiday season!!  Heaps of love to you and yours!

In this episode:

1.40 – Why listen to this podcast, what can it do for your life?
2.22 – Short Story, how Sabrina was introduced to the Dark Goddess
3.44 – Andrew Harvey’s great words
5.00 – Mother Mary, Demeter and Ceres; as aspects of the mother archetype
5.35 – Mary Magdalene, Venus and Aphrodite; as aspects of the lover archetype
6.55 – Wild woman archetype and the dark goddess, who is she?
7.22 – Description of the Dark Goddess and her demand for truth
8.40 – How to know when it’s time to meet the Dark Goddess within
9.27 – Why work with the Dark Goddess?
9.52 – Unconscious expressions of the Dark Feminine
12.00 – What happens when this aspect of you is repressed
14.00 – 3 ways the goddess lives within us; distorted, dormant or divine
15.17 – What is the divine expression of the Dark Goddess?
15.57 – Mindful practice, tune into the feeling in your body, this is an alchemical process
16.32 – The hazards of the love and light school
17.45 – Tangible way of checking in, ask the question, “How healthy, open & alive is my sex life?”
18.18 – Healing and the Dark Goddess
18.58 – Trauma held in our womb, yoni and other feminine parts
19.30 – Practice – going deep within. Where’s the thread? What are you being shown?
20.01 – Practice – find the place within that you do NOT want to go into.
21.17 – Black Moon, Kali, Hygeia line up in astrology and how to work with it

Artwork by Android Jones


  1. Pam Kennedy on January 24, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Today, Jan 24, 2017, I had to go deeper into the Dark Goddess!! Fancy that…..and I found you after many googles but this was my google search statement “women need to face the Dark Goddess”…I’m listening now….thanks very much!

    • Sabrina Domenosky on January 30, 2017 at 7:42 am

      So glad you found the post Pam!! Hope it’s helped you go deeper!

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