RW 176 – CHANGE EVERYTHING IN 2023: What’s Stopping You Breaking Through To The New?

Wanna do something WILD (and free) this year? 🐉  How about… Walking the DRAGON line? 🔥 Change everything in 2023… your health, your energy, your relationships, your children, your youthfulness, your passion, your quality of life!


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In this episode, how to break through your resistance NOW! We say we want transformation, we’re doing the work, but we’re still stuck in our old life… What’s stopping you breaking through to the new? Here’s everything you need to know about resistance!! Watching this will CHANGE EVERYTHING IN 2023!


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Topics Explored in the “Change Everything in 2023” Episode:

(Times based off audio version).

  • What’s stopping you breaking through to the new? (0:00)
  • Holding love for the transition (4:14)
  • Wanting to stay safe (7:45)
  • Making a witchy brew & burning it all! (11:22)
  • What we’re afraid of (15:58)
  • How to step into your greatness (19:13)

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