God of Order, Wealth and Time

Introduction to Saturn

About Saturn

Saturn is known as a great Ruler- his reign was during the time of the ‘Golden Age’. He represents structure, laws, wealth, empire building, founding civilisation, agriculture, and time. He had a vice- he loved power and rulership and allowed ‘liberation or change’ if it aided in his plans…. He is symbolised by an elder bearded man holding a sickle or scythe which is a sharp tool with a long blade for harvesting. He is known as Father time, and it is said that ‘divine timing’ can be attributed to Saturn. 


The Myth

Saturn's myth is an interesting one, filled with symbolism…. He was born of the union between Uranus (father sky) and Gaia (mother earth). It is said that Saturn watched his Father create chaos over their ruling lands with his uncontrollable ways. So expansive was Uranus that he didn’t abide by any rules. Uranus is fertile with light and continued to impregnate Gaia on impulse to produce offspring which were unruly and required to be kept in the realm of the underworld. Saturn decided to create laws and rules, and responsibilities, and a civilisation to build wealth and safety to flourish within- a civilised world to rule over is much more respectable than what is being shown now. 

So, Saturn grabbed his Scythe or Sickle, an instrument he was often depicted holding, which is for harvesting crops with, and a battle ensued between Uranus and Saturn. Saturn castrated his Father and became ruler, administering laws, creating monetary currency and building wealth whilst creating the foundations of a civilization. This became a flourishing, safe and respectable civilization.

Saturn became overprotective of his rulership. He had thoughts that if he and his new wife had children, that they would overthrow him as he overthrew his Father. His need to protect what he had, and control everything so that change did not happen began to drive him crazy. As his wife gave birth to each of their children, Saturn devoured each one- thereby protecting his rule. By the time Zeus was born, his wife decided to save the baby and hid him. She gave a stone wrapped in a blanket to Saturn who devoured it in its entirety.

Zeus was raised in secret and his Mother spoke of what happened with his siblings. When Zeus was an adult he devised a plan to get a potion which would make his Father vomit up his siblings. And so, he dressed as a wine pourer and placed the potion inside of Saturn’s wine. When Saturn drank the wine he writhed in pain before vomiting up all of his siblings- adult and ready to rule over their section of the realms. The very thing he tried to prevent happening, he birthed into the world. Saturn was overthrown by his children.

This myth is one that reveals the struggle within us of the need of structures/ boundaries, in order for safety and security, and to flourish. But, when controlled too much or when one becomes power hungry, or greedy, or so resistant to change that we try to alter the situation, then the balance is lost and with it so is compassion, love, connection and creativity.  

Reflection Questions: 

  • Where do we thwart creativity/ love in the name of keeping order or making money, or for a sense of duty?

  • Where do we lack boundaries and structure where we become ungrounded and too boundless to make an impact or sometimes even complete daily mundane things?

Saturn Workshop

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