Aligning with Your Higher Self – Episode 75

In this episode we explore the questions: What is your Higher Self? How do you listen to your Higher Self, tap into your Higher Self and act from your Higher Self?

Topics Explored in Episode 75: Aligning with Your Higher Self:

  • Finding the still small voice within
  • Sacred activism (as coined by Andrew Harvey)
  • The different levels of Self in order to hear and align with your Higher Self
  • The practice of “soul talk” with another
  • Upper mansions (as coined by Teresa of Avila)
  • Prayers that work
  • Little self getting out of the way for Soul Self
  • What does one’s Higher Self sounds and feel like
  • Living a soul-powered, soul-centered and soul-aligned life

Enjoy the episode!


“Aligning with Your Higher Self” Video Episode Here…



Online Programs and Other Things Mentioned in the Show…

12 Days of Circle was a free online retreat we hosted for our ReWilding community. It’s finished now but you can still get in on the Day 11 workshop! That workshop is a profound activation with Shakti. It’s also an embodied exploration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. You can access it free here: Free ReWilding Workshop!

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