SOUL WISDOM: Finding Soul Truth in a Society that Teaches Us to Ignore It (Part 1) – Episode 98

Soul wisdom, soul truth, soul knowings we all have these things, yet so few of us access them.

Why? Partially because we’re scared to face the consequences of accessing them. We’re scared to speak our soul truth, to live from our soul wisdom and to see our soul knowings.

And yet, if we don’t open ourselves to these profound, inner truths, we will continue to live on the surface of life, when true fulfillment resides in the depths.

So in this episode, part 1 of 3, we tackle the first step of living from the depths of soul wisdom and soul truth: seeing it. 

Easier said than done.

We have to slip past defenses and fears, habits and long-ingrained wiring that would have us bypass it. We also have to create a safe space for ourselves and within ourselves so we are able to open to it. Finally, we have to get so vulnerable we almost can’t take it.

And then something arises, a dam breaks, and we find the gold: the undeniable truth of soul.

(Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3, where we will be sharing practices for how to not just see your soul truth, but how to speak it, create from it and live from it too.)

Topics Explored in Soul Wisdom – Episode 98:

  • How we hide our soul wisdom, soul truth, and soul knowings from ourselves
  • Why/how society conditions us to hide these inner knowings from ourselves
  • How to tell when we’re stuck on the surface, instead of diving deep into truth
  • A daily practice to help you access your soul truth more and more easily


Watch the Soul Wisdom video episode here…


Listen to the Soul Wisdom audio episode here…

Soul Wisdom Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome (back) to ReWilding for Women! We are going through an evolution right now, birthing a new project, Sabrina Lynn. You can hear more about this unfolding on our YouTube LIVE last weekend.

3:55 – On the topic of truth, Sabrina speaks her truth!

7:45 – Intro to this episode: accessing deep truth, just part 1 of 3!

10:15 – Join us on social media (Facebook & Instagram) to be a part of these discussions LIVE!

11:35 – Bringing you this gift, this message from Mystery School: helping us all get to our truth

13:35 – Setting the tone: getting open, vulnerable, real with self

15:30 – Practice 1: Finding truthful place within self

17:15 – Practice 2: Finding/creating safe space within self to see truth

18:15 – Why we hide truth from ourselves

19:05 – Practice 3: Self reflection about what you (think/say you) want

22:10 – Practice 4: Getting specific about what you actually want

26:45 – Practice 5: Go even deeper, truer, more aligned

28:00 – Part 1 is accessing your truth, Part 2 is standing in your truth, which we’ll go into in our next podcast!

33:30 – At-home Practice: Dig for the deeper truth, the soul truth

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Our practices incorporate tantra, shamanism, astrology, meditation, archetypal embodiment, and personal inquiry that come through via words, transmissions, and activations. They take us far beyond our day-to-day worries and limitations of the mind, and deep into the wisdom of the body, the self, the soul. Into ancient spaces. Into your soul gifts and your everlasting connection with the universe around you.

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