TANTRA WITH FRIENDS: Manifesting Potential, Embodying Divinity, Seducing Soul – Episode 97

It’s true unconditional love with a hint of “I see you” and “I won’t let you cheat yourself out of your truth.” – comment from YouTube LIVE

Raise your hand if you crave to receive this kind of love so deeply.

Raise your hand if you are able to give away this kind of love as easily.

Tantra 101: our ability to receive something relates directly to our ability to give that thing to others. We seek friends and lovers that see and support our soul development unconditionally. That see our full potential and love it, and us, without agenda or expectation.

Our task is to learn to do the same. To love others in a way that calls, that draws, the lures their highest soul’s expression out of them. That manifests their soul desires into their lives. That creates the space for their, and our, full divine potential to physically and concretely arrive.

In this episode we dive into tantra: how we call in our soul and the soul of other’s by dancing the dance of polarities. We can give the gift of witness, then shift into the seduction of potential. We can open ourselves in full surrender, and then hold space for other to do the same.

It’s beautiful, it’s powerful, it won’t leave a single shadow stone unturned. Hold on tight.

Topics Explored in Episode 97:

  • Tantra, in and out of intimate relationships, without and without physical contact
  • Manifesting the divine into physical embodiment
  • The gifts of Shiva: witnessing, holding, creating space for expression
  • The gifts of Shakti: seducing, alluring, calling divinity into embodiment
  • How soulmates & soul friends support our soul’s development
  • Building soul stamina to allow us to recognize disalignment and quickly realign
  • Mystery School is open and you’re invited to the first week free! (Offer ends July 20th, 2020.)

Full video episode here…

Full audio episode here…

Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome (back) to ReWilding for Women. This episode was recorded as a YouTube LIVE, co-created by people on Facebook suggesting topics beforehand and in the moment with folks watching and commenting LIVE. We’d love to have you join us for the next one!

3:15 – We’re giving a way a free week of Mystery School to any and every self-identifying woman who is called! It starts July 20th, 2020, and will only be available for the one week!

4:45 – You can also find a ton of free wisdom on our Instagram, Facebook, and in our newsletter! We’re constantly giving things away so those of the best places to stay updated!

5:40 – Let’s start by checking in with ourselves. On a scale from 1-10, one being you’re feeling stable and grounded and good, and 10 being the opposite, whatever that looks like.

8:40 – Practice #1: Now let’s go one layer deeper. What’s hiding just below the surface?

12:00 – Practice #2: What you can do in this moment to come into a more receptive space?

15:40 – How soulmates & friends with hot pokers support our full soul’s development.

21:20 – Practice #3: Sit with an unconditional loving presence and let it hold, witness, love your soul and its full blossoming.

25:10 – Weaving in reflection & wisdom from the community, appreciating this online women’s circle, sacred space we’ve created.

32:35 – Mystery School starts July 20th! Sign up for Gift of the Mysteries to get the first week 100% free!

37:45 – Practice #4: Get radically honest with yourself and what you’re feeling right now.

39:40 – Practice #5: Practice dropping into sacred space after coming out of alignment, building soul stamina to recognize disalignment and return to true north.

44:15 – Fucking with divinity. Tantra. Penetration. You read that right. We’re going there.

47:35 – Practice #5: Feeling into the tantric union of Shakti & Shiva.

53:35 – Next, we look at our shit without shame or judgement, because that’s what turned it into shit in the first place.

58:25 – Practice #6: Shakti dances in front of you, pulling, dancing, seducing your soul down and through your entire body.

1:02:45 – Gift of the Mysteries is going to explain how all this stuff: tantra, divine feminine and masculine, astrology, how all of it is connected. We hope to see you there!

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  1. Christina Molyneux on July 18, 2020 at 4:37 am

    Love, Sabrina and her energy. But be careful of our language divide. Smashed to us Brits means ‘off your face drunk’. T x

    • rewildingadmin on July 19, 2020 at 12:22 pm

      Haha! Thanks for sharing Christina! We use it for that meaning here in the states as well! It somehow still seems so fitting even with the duel meaning 🙂