SHADOW WORK: Dark Places Hold Unimaginable Gifts – Episode 96

We hide a lot of ourselves. Intentionally and unintentionally.

We have buried parts of ourselves. Parts we don’t like, parts we are scared of, parts we don’t understand.

We have forced ourselves to fit into many boxes. Boxes labelled “acceptable,” “likable,” “lovable.”

Shadow work is reclaiming the parts of self we left behind, we buried, we repressed. The parts of self we have never met. 

The myth of shadow work is that we are going to find only scary things in the shadows: twisted fantasies, uncontrollable urges, endless rage and pain. But that’s a myth to keep the buried things buried. That’s a myth told by people who are too scared to look under the bed. Too scared to grow. Too scared to see what they could become.

Because the boxes we have forced ourselves into are too small for not only our rage and roars, but also for our gifts and passion. When we buried our wounds, we buried the wisdom that comes with them.

In this episode we explore how we can move with grace and love into our shadows to uncover, to illuminate and to reclaim our lost gifts. 

Topics Explored in Episode 96:

  • What is our shadow, what is shadow work, and how we do it without triggering our defense mechanisms
  • Why shadow work is an essential part of personal growth
  • How shadow work is often done in the collective, and how we can do it better
  • Archetypes that support shadow work, such as Chiron and the Dark Goddesses
  • A step-by-step example of shadow work done with the energy of Venus/Aphrodite
  • Mystery School is open and you’re invited to the first week free!

Full video episode here…

Full audio episode here…

Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome (back) to ReWilding for Women! In this episode we talk about shadow work, and how we can move with love, with ease, and with honor around our protective mechanism. Recorded as a YouTube LIVE, we’d love for you to join us on the next one!

1:45 – Mystery School is officially open, along with the first free week. It is the culmination of everything ReWilding has to offer, all of my life’s work, and anyone who identifies as “woman” is more than welcome to join us.

6:18 – Shadow work is the process of going beyond our masks, our conditioned responses, our patterned ways of being, into our deeper, unconscious realms and shining light on what resides there.

8:00 – A common misconception is that everything in the shadow is bad, is gross, is painful. But our shadows also hold our gifts, unrealized potential, just waiting to be awakened. This aspect is called our golden shadow.

10:35 – Practice: Find a way to come into a love space for all of yourself, but if you can’t do that just yet, come into a curious space, where you don’t judge your patterns, your conditioning, you just want to see it fully. Because you crunchy human bits are what make you, you. Are what make you special. Are the foundation of your soul gifts.

14:45 – Introduction to Chiron, the wounded healer. He represents the part of you that is able to hold, heal, love others, while not able to hold, heal, love yourself.

19:15 – Archetypes are helpful because they provide us back door into our shadows, so we can work on them without activating all of our defense mechanisms that are trying to protect our identities, our ego, our vulnerabilities.

22:00 – These defense mechanisms are being really triggered in the collective right now as people’s shadows are being shoved into their faces. Most people need a ton of love, compassion, holding to go into the shadows so they don’t feel like they need to defend themselves, so they don’t shut down.

30:50 – We have to honor that we all have this survival reaction for good reason. If we constantly had our identities ripped away from us we would go insane. We all have different rates of how much evolution and change we can take. So when we do shadow work, we have to honor both: the shadow as well as the defense mechanisms that protect it.

37:20 – Archetypes provide an impersonal way to get into our shadows. Generally, ones that are more awake in society require less shadow work, while ones that are more repressed in society require more shadow work.

40:45 – For example: Venus. Her thread of energy exists outside of us, but resonates and activates a similar thread of energy within us. As her thread is activating ours, we can notice what is coming up. That’s the back door. From there we can work to clear those blockages that are keeping our soul’s from expressing their fullness because of fear, guilt, shame, etc.

47:35 – Feeling into Chiron. He teaches us that our deepest wounds are fertile grounds for our greatest gifts. He teaches us that every challenge is preparing us to be able to stand in our all-ness when we really need to, no matter what.

53:20 – Thank you so much for joining us! Either by podcast, replay, or LIVE! Feel into Gift of the Mysteries, the free week of Mystery School that starts July 20th, and will likely include Chiron! See you when I see you, where I see you, how I see you!!

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