DIVINE MASCULINE: Don’t Let His Gifts Be Obscured by His Shadows, or Yours – Episode 95

The Divine Masculine is shrouded in myth, distortion, and projection in much of society.

We don’t often talk about or see examples of the Divine Masculine’s gifts because, honestly, hating on the masculine is basically “in style” these days (often with good reason).

But the Divine Masculine is far from the “toxic masculinity” that we see running rampant in society. Turns out, they’re almost like day and night.

In fact, the Divine Masculine represents what many of us are craving: unconditional love, compassionate witness, unwavering tender presence.

He is the wise elder, the attentive lover, the heart warrior. The world needs the Divine Masculine as much as it needs the Divine Feminine. And luckily he is in all of us, no matter where we are on the gender spectrum. He’s waiting to be called forth, waiting to be excavated, waiting to be divinized.

In this episode we dive deep to separate the Divine Masculine from our personal and collective projections. We hope you can join us with an open heart that feels safe enough to be vulnerable because your vulnerability creates space for his fullness, his divinity and his soul gifts to rise.

Topics Explored in Episode 95:

  • The 6 Faces of the Divine Masculine
  • Working with the Divine Masculine in yourself to hold space for your full Divine Feminine to rise
  • Working with the Divine Masculine in your relationships to break old patterns, and expand your consciousness
  • Shadow work around how the Divine Feminine & Masculine within yourself relate to each other
  • Mystery School Online & Gift of the Mysteries, starting July 20, 2020!

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Show Notes (based on audio version):

00:00 – Welcome (back) to ReWilding for Women with Sabrina Lynn! In this episode we go into healing the Divine Masculine, starting with own unconscious beliefs about the masculine and feminine. This episode was recorded LIVE on our YouTube channel. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to join us for the next one!

3:20 – Gift of the Mysteries: we want to give you a week of Mystery School Online, for free! Anyone who calls themselves “woman” is totally welcome to join us. So sign up for our newsletter to be notified when enrollment is open! Mystery School Online & Gift of the Mysteries will begin on July 20, 2020.

5:25 – Bring yourself to a space of openness, radical honesty, and vulnerability, and let’s dive it!

5:50 – The faces of the Divine Masculine: Great Father, Medicine Man/Shaman, Lover, Warrior, Mystic & Dark God

12:05 – Feeling into which faces your masculine friends (of either gender) embody, or are afraid to embody, which faces are dormant. When we say “healing” the Divine Masculine, we mean allowing those dormant or distorted aspects rise into their full divine expression.

15:40 – Different cultures view the masculine and feminine in different ways; we have to get real about how our culture treats them. And in the US, the feminine is often emasculates and demonizes the masculine. Not necessarily without reason, but we have to recognize our judgements to see beyond them.

19:55 – We have to get around all our wounding to see the undistorted masculine. So let’s ask ourselves, what do we crave from the masculine, very specifically?

25:40 – The feminine is craving to held, witnessed, and validated by the masculine. Versus being told she’s too much, she’s too chaotic, she’s too complicated. And that’s not just outside ourselves. Where do we shut ourselves down? When does the fullness of the feminine become too much for us?

32:55 – So how do we do this? How do we make room for the feminine not just in intimate relationships, but in every relationship, in the world as a whole? One practice is witnessing, holding, and validating our own Divine Feminine, which develops our Divine Masculine in the process.

38:15 – We will dive deep into this in Mystery School Online. Not just the masculine and feminine, but the Sacred Union, how they dance with each other. Because when the Divine Masculine & Feminine get together, they are more than a sum of their parts. They can take us deep into the roots of our shadows and into the highest regions of consciousness.

41:05 – You can also start working with the Divine Masculine by calling in Shiva, the transcendent witness. He will help you notice when you are stuck in an old pattern of reacting. Then you can get out it, you can get conscious, you can find the path to a higher place.

47:10 – Thank you so much for joining us. Find us on YouTube to join us for the next LIVE! And sign up for our newsletter to get updates about Mystery School Online, and Gift of the Mysteries. Big love to all of you!!!

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