HIGHER SELF: Aligning with Soul Purpose & Rewriting Soul Contracts – Episode 94

Aligning with higher self, finding soul purpose and learning how to live love doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, it can so incredibly simple. One intention over and over again can guide you through your shadows, through tricky situation and toward your destiny.

That’s what’s on offer in this episode, recorded on the eclipse of a lifetime, the summer solstice aligned with a solar eclipse, the north lunar node, and the world axis point.

So let’s dive deep… beyond the marketing gimmicks and egoic fantasies around popular phrases like; soul purpose, soul mate, soul contract and twin flames… and into what these things really mean for you.

We packed this episode full of practices to help you align with your higher self. Over and over and over again.

Topics Explored in Episode 94:

  • Why the world needs you to follow your soul purpose and to be 100% divinely you
  • Six practices that teach you how to realign with your higher self, your true north, your soul purpose
  • Looking at the blocks that are keeping your from embracing your soul purpose
  • The true purpose of soul contracts, soul mates, and twin flames
  • How to get the most out of the current astrology

Full video episode here…

Full audio episode here…

Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome (back) to ReWilding for Women with Sabrina Lynn. Today we dive into higher self alignment, soul purpose, and soul contracts. Not just what they are, but how they are expressing in your life, what they are trying to teach you.

1:10 – This episode was recorded LIVE on our YouTube channel. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel and our newsletter to join us for the next one!

2:15 – Invitation to set up space to best support you to step into sacred space, into soul work. And there’s a big announcement at the end of the podcast so make sure to stick around!

3:24 – Stepping into sacred circle, into soul truth, into soul purpose, far beyond surface level, intellectual thinking. How can you prepare yourself to get so real, so raw, so honest with yourself. This is about you and your soul, nothing else.

6:00 – Practice 1 – Start by aligning your self with your higher self, your true north. Tune your dial, with breathing, with sound, with movement, with the intention to align with your soul.

9:50 – Practice 2 – Think about a person you know who gets the inspiration, the insight, the soul guidance, and can speak it, but doesn’t take action on it. 

11:00 – Practice 3 – Feel into your own inner guidance that you aren’t able to follow through on. What are the internal voices, the dragons in the basement telling you to keep you from following your soul?

15:45 – Practice 4 – Pause. A pause can be very powerful. Take a moment to sit back, to listen, to align, to see what wants to come through now. That’s how you return to your higher self, your true north over and over again.

18:00 – Practice 5 (6) – If you were to let life, let love flow through you and gift this moment, how would you breathe, move, sound? Learning to let raw love move our bodies is one of the first lessons at ReWilding retreats, and an important step to fulfilling our soul purpose.

22:25 – Living your authentic soul’s purpose is quite literally realigning and asking soul how it wants to serve in the world, moment to moment to moment. It’s insane and it’s deeply freeing, it’s doing without doing, it’s being done, it’s soul purpose.

24:40 – Imagine a divine tapestry, woven of our individual, beautiful threads. Imagine your thread is red. The greatest gift you can give the whole of everything is to be as fully, as brightly, as expansively red as you can be. Because that’s the one thing no one else can do, be you, be your higher self, your highest self.

28:20 – Imagine walking into a room permeated with soul. You can feel it, it elevates you, it helps you align with your own soul. And now imagine a room devoid of soul. How it pulls you down, how it makes it so hard to align with your higher self.

32:30 – Take a moment to pause and reflect on what has been your most profound insight or take-away up to this point.

37:25 – Going into soul contracts, but far above the delusion, fantasy, and wishful thinking that pulls people in. Going into the truth of the purpose of soul contracts. Check out previous ReWilding podcasts on the wounded healer & soul contracts, twin flame & soul mate contracts, and north node & soul purpose.

40:50 – Practice 6 (752) –  Feel into your deepest soul contract, whether it is unbelievably loving or unbelievably triggering. Now separate yourself from that person energetically, feel, respect, honor that they are whole unto themselves. Just as you are whole unto yourself. Now what does that relationship look like without the neediness, the grasping, the co-dependency?

48:55 – Soul contracts are there to help your soul evolve. Your soulmate can be your arch nemesis, because they are going to show you your shadows, show you where you need to grow.

50:55 – Soul contracts can be with best friends who can hold your soul like a mystical mother. Who are able to witness your ego tantrums and honor your soul evolution at the same time.

55:15 – Eclipses bring in things, and release things. In ReWilding, the Facebook group has been eclipsed out, it was no longer in alignment. And being eclipsed in is online Mystery School. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about the 12-week program that starts July 20th.

59:30 – We will not experience astrology like this ever again in our lives. So for the next six months, dream bigger than you ever have and be ready to surrender. That includes being open to releasing soul contracts, pausing to hear the still small voice within, and compassionately de-rubbling your basement.

1:02:35 – Massive love to all of you!!  See you when we see you, where we see you, how we see you!!

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