SACRED EMPOWERMENT: Practices to Embody Soul & Inspire Sacred Action – Episode 93

If you need a reset, if you need a love-bomb, if you need to get out of your head, you’ve come to the right podcast.

Sometimes, when it feels like everything is going wrong, there’s little point talking. Maybe you’ve said all you can say. Maybe you’re too tired to bother. Maybe words won’t change a thing. 

Besides, you’re ready. You’re ready for healing. You’re ready for transformation. You’re ready to have the power to change something.

So let’s go. Beyond the archetypal realms. Beyond the realm of the essences. Into the highest realm, where pure divinity resides.

This podcast-turned-workshop goes into back-to-back practices that go farther than we have ever gone in a podcast: into soul perspective, into soul embodiment, into soul activation.

This is it. This is living, leading, creating from soul. This is evolving beyond our little selves. This is the feminine awakening path. This is allowing, trusting, opening ourselves to the divinity within.

It’s not easy. But we promise it’s worth it. And the entire way, we will be by your side. 

Topics Explored in Episode 93:

  • 6 practices for moving through, flowing with, activating within wild times
  • Releasing the past and embracing the power of the present
  • Moving above & beyond egoic self to feel what you are called to do/be in this moment
  • Noticing resistance you have to following your soul and building the soul stamina to trust it
  • Working the grid, working with not just your own soul, but with the soul of the world 
  • Supporting workshops: the Mystic, the Medicine Woman, the Dark Goddess

Full video episode here…

Full audio episode here…

Show Notes:

0:00 – Welcome (back) to ReWilding for Women, and one of our wildest episodes yet! It is more like going on a retreat than listening to a podcast. We invite you to come to this episode when you can drop into self in a safe space, maybe with a journal, to do some serious soul work.

3:49 – Our first practice: really sink into the present moment and the feeling that “fuck, it’s perfect, perfectly aligned, perfectly designed, even though it hurts like hell.” Because we were made for these times, and they were made for us.

9:20 – Our second practice: let yourself throw your tantrum, flap your angry penguin wings all over the place. Honor & own that discomfort, that pain, that deep resistance. Because owning the discomfort allows it to flow, and allows us to become more open to embodying soul.

11:20 – Our third practice: after honoring the resistance, do whatever you can to relax into the perfection. Use movement, breathe, visualization, sound, whatever you can to just drop into the deep knowing, the gnosis that your life is perfect. And notice the places where you just can’t. Where you can’t help but doubt the divine plan.

14:24 – Find that doubt, and be okay with it. This isn’t about pretending we are transcendent. This isn’t about trying to be transcendent. This is about embracing both/and, both our humanity and our divinity. Both our personal pain and our unlimited love.

17:26 – Our fourth practice: Out of the head and into the heart with breath, movement, sound, visualization. Find yourself in the heart, and follow its beat to the present moment. Let go of everything before this moment, and everything that could happen after. This, the present, is where you have the most power you can ever have. Stay with it.

21:20 – Reading comments from LIVE viewers, just let them hit you: just felt shift in energy, rawness, perfection, love for life, naked, lifetimes of injustice, loaded cocoon, emotional, tears of joy, I don’t want to think ever, heavy heart, infinite power of now, guilty, distraction, utter grief, simple peace, connected, trust, innocent, heart in the now and now in the heart, reluctant to accept the power in this moment, as if I’m not allowed…

26:40 – Our fifth practice: bring your body into a position where it can receive soul–back straight, head & collar bone slightly tucked, or whatever feels good for you. Allow your crown to open up and your heart to invite soul in. It knows how to do this, sometimes it just needs an invitation. 

32:15 – Feel your soul-activated heart. Feel your soul activate your desires, your dreams, your longings. Feel them become soul longings, then soul decisions, finally soul creations. Imagine what the world could be like if you, if we, always lived here. If we always moved, flowed, loved, created from soul.

34:43 – For those of you called to work beyond self, to work the grid, invite in not only your soul, but the soul of your community, of your country, of the world, of the cosmos. This is love in action. This is soul activation beyond self.

36:45 – Feeling the whole circle working the grid, feeling what is really possible when we gather in this way, when we go beyond ourselves and our lives. We are working not just the unseen realms, but creating ripples in the seen as well. The physical follows the energetic.

41:30 – Our sixth practice: bring it full circle, back to ourselves, by inviting soul fully into ourselves, our bodies, our bones. Invite soul all the way down into our first chakra, and let your body know it can trust your soul, that soul will guide its true way.

47:03 – Notice and honor where soul won’t go in the body, if it can’t go beyond the heart, or the third-eye, or into the womb. Learning to trust & follow soul is a lifelong journey. This requires moving through ancestral & karmic blocks. This is walking the feminine awakening path. This is bringing divinity into the body, instead of leaving the body to find it.

51:01 – What a journey. If you are called to more work like this, feel into the Mystic, Medicine Woman, and Dark Goddess workshops. And, as always, if it feels right, share this podcast with another woman and invite her into our community. It means a lot to us. Big love to you!!!

*The ReWilding for Women Facebook group where this was recorded has been dissolved as the organization continues to evolve and adapt to best serve the moment.