SACRED SEXUALITY: Reclaiming the Forbidden with the Dark Goddess & Dark God – Episode 92

We’re going there. Sex. Dark fantasies. Secrets never shared.

First of all, if you think that sexuality in your culture is totally healed, totally aligned and sacred and deep and divine, we want to know where you are and if we can come. 🙂

But if you’re like most of us, the cultural depictions of sexuality that surround you are… Unappetizing to say the least. Distorted. Manipulative. Disempowering. Showy. Shallow. Fake. And unfortunately, oftentimes it’s without as in within. But we plan on changing that.

In this episode, we work our way into our basements, where we have locked up our scariest dragons: our sexual fantasies that we have never dared to share with anyone. Our sex dragons. We bring with us light, love, and levity and shower them with it. Until we are comfortable to fully see them, to witness & acknowledge them. Even if we aren’t ready to love them.

There may be no harder work than excavating the centuries of false promises and real trauma that fill our first and second chakras. But the power & magic that waits for us there is undoubtedly limitless.

The possibility of the tantric path isn’t just endless orgasms (though it may be worth a pitstop). Opening to what we crave sexually is a doorway. A portal to understanding what we crave spiritually. A vortex beyond bodily pleasure, into soul pleasure, soul fullness, soul fulfillment.

So we peak around the door, learning how the sexual dark goddesses & their consorts can take us both much higher and much deeper:

What does it mean if you resonate with Persephone? What can your craving for Pluto tell you about your soul’s purpose? How can you work with the sacred union to honor, to revere, to love your hidden aspects, even when you aren’t ready to love them yourself?

Listen to find out.

Topics Explored in Episode 92:

  • Owning where we are, where our sexuality is at: our openness, our creativity, our passion, our spontaneity, our self judgement, our self love, our full embodiment.
  • Shining light, love, and a bit of levity on the things we desire but are too scared to share
  • What your sexual fantasies can show you about your spiritual cravings
  • How the divine masculine, in the form of energy or another person, can help us reclaim the parts of ourselves we are ashamed of, how he can love what we aren’t ready to love
  • Find the online Sexual Healing & Awakening Retreat here.

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Show Notes:
0:00 – Welcome back to ReWilding for Women with Sabrina Lynn. And welcome to one our favorite topics: the reclamation of our deeper, darker, sexual expression.

1:52 – You can prepare yourself for this episode by letting yourself come into a non-judgmental, vulnerable, compassionate, curious space. This will allow you to open the door into the unconscious side of self, to witness & honor whatever lies on the other side.

2:50 – A huge thank you to every woman and man that has ever done any kind of ReWilding program with us whether in-person or online. It is all of you who make these podcasts, LIVE circles, all of this possible. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to share this much and give this much.

3:37 – If you find yourself yearning to dive deeper into the topics covered in this episode, check out our online Sexual Healing & Awakening Retreat. Use coupon code “social50” for a $50 discount (good until June 1, 2020).

5:00 – It is not easy to reclaim the fullness of our sexuality in today’s society. The collective still understands and portrays sexuality in a distorted, shallow, manipulative, disempowering way. We have to get real about the energetics we are living in so we can understand, acknowledge, own why we have to work so hard to open to, awaken, embrace, access authentic sexual expression.

10:36 – There’s nothing wrong with you, with me, with your sexuality. This is a part of your soul’s journey, part of humanity’s journey. Sexuality is not other than your spiritual journey, it is a part of your spiritual journey. So honor & own the perfection of it, wherever you are. Honor & own what you have been through and where you have yet to go.

13:55 – Sexuality does not mean you are having sex. You can be celibate and sexually awakened. You can express sexuality through and and every aspect of living, creating, moving, breathing.

16:33 – No matter how far you have to go, there’s that much more for you to experience, to explore, to reclaim, to remember. No matter how far you’ve come, you have still more to look forward to. More pleasure, more fulfillment, more boundless bliss & ecstasy.

19:40 – Now we’re going to walk into the basement of your being. We’re going to walk into the corner where your sexual fantasies, your sex dragons, are hiding and shine a light on it. Let that light, the Pluto energy, love the parts of you that you aren’t ready to love, that you are embarrassed and ashamed of. And let the light lighten it up.

24:12 – Now notice what’s getting lit up. You don’t have to love it, just notice it. And your homework is to go tell your best friend, your lover, someone you can trust about it. And do it with levity! Let it be playful and silly and honest and true. Let yourself experience that freedom.

26:33 – Our deepest, darkest fantasy is not necessarily about sex. You may never want to act it out. It’s actually a symbolic link with our relationship with the divine. In other words, often what we crave sexually is what we crave spiritually. Fantasies are doorways to something much deeper, wider, vaster than superficial pleasure.

29:53 – Sabrina tells a personal story about allowing herself to crave and experience a fantasy that she had been taught was wrong, shameful, forbidden. It was terrifying and empowering, embarrassing and revealing.

42:33 – The divine masculine, the dark god, is able to love & revere the most shameful aspects of self, the ones we aren’t ready to love ourselves. To gently pierce through our shame and resistance to those hidden aspects and accept them, to love them up, to tenderly bring them into the light.

45:33 – The Pluto & Persephone sacred union represents the desire to claim and to be claimed, to take and to surrender. The feminine expression translates into the spiritual desire to be taken to places that I can’t take myself, to let the divine work and flow through me, to serve thy will not my will.

50:15 – Thank you so much for joining us. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If your soul is calling for more, feel into the ReWilding online Sexual Healing & Awakening Retreat. 10% of all proceeds from that program go to Love146, an organization that does the profound work of ending sex trafficking, and supporting any women and children that have been sexually abused. So much gratitude and love to all of you!!

*The ReWilding for Women Facebook group where this was recorded has been dissolved as the organization continues to evolve and adapt to best serve the moment. 


  1. Barbara Coleman on May 28, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    It is shame filled it is . It has become cheap and ugly.