Soul Wisdom: Healing Karmic Patterns Through Embodiment — Episode 90

Sometimes it just feels like too much. Too much healing. Too much yearning. Too much feeling like something is missing. And too much insecurity that this divine wisdom thing isn’t even real.

We’ve got good news and bad news for you. Good news, it’s real, it already exists within you, and it’s just waiting for you to tap into it. Bad news, it’s a journey, no guru can simply bestow you with this mystical wisdom, and you (probably) won’t just wake up enlightened one day.

But more good news: It’s your journey. Created perfectly for you, by you. By the part of you that is so much wiser than your mind, the part of you that is tapped into the soul of the universe, the part of you that feels like coming home.

You are here to release old karmas, to shake off unconscious conditioning, to step into your fully awakened, connected, sacred Self. This podcast covers the first steps of this journey, and explains how embodiment work can help you along the way.

Topics Explored in Episode 90:

  • 7 days of unlimited Inner Circle for free!
  • The yearning to feel whole, to feel sacred, to feel connected, that so many of us experience
  • The worry that we are missing something, that Divine Intelligence is either too good to be true, or that we are not capable of experiencing it
  • How to connect to the divine within through embodiment so you can wake up your system, so you can dance with Shakti, so you can create & live & move from soul
  • How to notice, and begin to break free of the unconscious, karmic patterns that keep us on autopilot 90% of the time

Full video episode here…

Show notes… 

0:00 – Welcome to ReWilding for Women, where we explore the awakening path, and we attempt to do that in a very vulnerable, very honest, very open way. Today’s podcast is going to be a little different, letting the energy guide us through some of the nuggets of wisdom that came out of our most recent Online Retreat –  Birthing a New World. Let’s see what feels most useful, most relevant, most helpful from that sacred container for these wild times.

2:15 – For many people, doing this work, following the awakening path, feels like coming home. There’s a sense of opening to the mystic within, the sacred fullness of soul. And this isn’t otherworldly, this isn’t outside of our bodies, our lives, our everyday tasks. And it most certainly isn’t something that is bestowed upon you.

5:45 – You know it exists within you because you can feel that yearning, that longing for a sense of sacredness, a sense of connection with life, with the world, with spirit, with soul. Most of us aren’t born there, we don’t just randomly wake up and feel “home”, feel connected, feel embodied. It’s a journey, a journey of dissolving the false self, the conditioned self.

10:20 – We live 90% of our daily lives on autopilot. Think about brushing your teeth, blow drying your hair, driving to work. But those are just the physical examples. We run on autopilot when we encounter different types of energies too, energies that we’ve been reacting to a certain way our entire lives so now it’s unconscious, it’s ingrained.

13:05 – I was twice driving with this woman when she got pulled over. Two separate occasions, two different men, both very nice, neither wanting to give her a ticket, both looking for reasons not to. And both times she reacted in the exact same way, with anger, with defensiveness, with venom. No matter how nice they were, she couldn’t read their energy, she couldn’t be present, she just reacted. She was so stuck in her pattern, she was projecting behavior onto these cops that they weren’t showing. She couldn’t even hear what they were actually saying.

21:05 – That’s a really overt example, but we all do this in a million different situations. Until we get fed up, or until it slaps us in the face, or until the yearning gets so loud, the longing for a better way, a way that doesn’t feel so shitty.

24:15 – So we take our power back, we acknowledge that the only aspect we have complete control over is our own response when we stay conscious. To walk the path back home, back to authentic self is to get off autopilot, get out of unconscious patterning, let go of absorbed conditioning.

27:45 – So to break the pattern, Step 1 is awareness. Often we most easily notice the unconscious reactions that are at the forefront, that keep rubbing, and those might be the ones that you’re most called to transmute, to change, to move through, to evolve out of. Think of with your partner, your children.

29:10 – Step 2 is to catch the reaction as you’re having it, and step out of it. Sense the contraction. Break the pattern. Laugh at yourself, say something ridiculous, smash it with gratitude and love.

30:40 – These are beautiful & valid therapeutic responses that can be very helpful. But there are deeper forces at work here. If you can access these deeper energetic lines, if you can get to the root of the pattern, if you can honor it and witness it and love it, you can rewire your nervous system. Even if your mind doesn’t understand it, you can still get to those roots through embodiment.

34:05 – Embodiment will bypass the long healing to-do list, and tap into the part of yourself that is so much wiser than your mind, into your innate divine wisdom, your own inner mystic. This part of you knows your soul’s path of evolution, knows your soul’s divine timing, knows how and when to perfectly deliver lessons for you to come into your all-ness.

39:05 – If this energy feels so out there, if it feels miraculous and untouchable to you, I want to honor that, and confess I was there too. But then it happens to you, and you know it’s real, that there’s a divine intelligence that heals more than cuts, that moves you toward your authentic self, toward your soul, toward home.

41:20 – Many spiritual traditions know this force, they just talk about it and work with it in many different ways. Some focus on transcendence, and some focus on embodiment. At ReWilding, we practice embodiment by letting the divine flow with and through everything, this earth, this body, this heart, this sexuality. Until we can allow the divine to create through us.

43:15 – There’s a related practice called Tonglen, which is taking the pain of the world into your heart, alchemizing it, and releasing it as pure love. It’s not for everyone. But eventually it’s clear that since we are all connected, since you are everything, everyone’s pain is your pain. There’s no hiding from it. There’s no higher, more aligned, more loving thing you could do than help heal it.

46:10 – These are the types of practices we do in Inner Circle, which we just opened for the first time since the new year. We agreed as a collective to wholeheartedly open our arms to any women who are feeling called to step deeper into this community, onto this path until May 15th. In addition, we are offering a free 7-day exploration of the Inner Circle workshops, available until May 8th.

51:10 – A guided version of the Tonglen practice that came out of Birthing a New World: Imagine you are the Goddess, and you take the whole of the world into your mouth. You feel the earth, and all its inhabitants, move down your whole central channel as you shower it with golden love light, as you transmute it’s old energy and prepare it to be birthed anew. And then it leaves out of your birth canal. Over and over again.

53:35 – I hope this has served you in the most perfect way that it was meant to serve you. I hope to see you in Inner Circle, for a practice or for a year! If this work sings to you, or if you are just curious, I would love to connect with you in that way. So much love to you! Mwah!

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