5 Ways to Heal the Feminine — Episode 83

If you have been denying or limiting your Feminine nature, here are some ways to heal, nurture and reconnect to your Feminine essence.

In this episode we explore 5 key aspects to the Feminine awakening path! We take a look at the current state of balance between the Masculine and Feminine, both within Self as well as the collective. We even break it down to which thread of the Masculine we have denied and its role in helping the fullness of the Feminine to rise!

Topics Explored in Episode 83:

  • 5 key aspects for healing the Feminine.
  • The current state of balance between Masculine and Feminine energy, both in the collective and in Self!
  • The areas of our lives and bodies in which we can encourage the expression and embodiment of the full Feminine!

Full video episode here…

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Show notes…

2:00 – Introduction into the essence of Feminine energy. Feminine is life force itself! It is the flow and embodiment of love, it is nurturing and wants to be in connection, and it has a very receptive and intuitive nature.

6:30 – Overview of Masculine energy as the witness, the holder of space. Also as directional, linear, logical, and goal oriented.

9:15 – Generally speaking, the Feminine energy in EVERYONE has been repressed and is therefore out of balance with the Masculine side of Self. The Masculine way of living, through logical thinking and hard facts, is held in a higher regard than the Feminine, which is lead by the more subtly felt senses of the deeper wisdom centers, through intuition.

13:30 – Aspect #1 of healing the Feminine is honoring what our deeper wisdom centers are saying!!! We need to get in touch with what the heart, gut and Hara are communicating to us. Then, we need to honor this wisdom by speaking and acting accordingly, regardless of outcome or how others may view us. This gets easier when we work with #2…

17:00 – Aspect #2 – Strengthening our own inner Masculine, specifically the aspect that honors, holds and witnesses the fullness of the Feminine. When we strengthen this aspect we no longer have to source it outside of us. Plus the internal source far surpasses the holding capacity of any source external to us.

25:30 – Aspect #3 – A HUGE part of the Feminine awakening path is embodiment! It is loving the shit out of your body!!! It is bringing light and love into every body part, especially the places you find it hard to love or you find yourself avoiding.

32:00 – Aspect #4 – Allowing yourself to receive! Coming into healthy relationship with the receptivity of the Feminine. It’s not that we are too sensitive, it’s that our Feminine is switched on! This is a HUGE gift; we just haven’t developed our inner Masculine enough to hold the fullness of our Feminine. Therefore, we are still viewing our sensitive, empathetic, compassionate nature as a weakness, and as a wound, instead of one of the largest gifts of life itself!

36:45 – Aspect #5 – Honoring and living more closely in sync with the natural rhythm of life. Feminine is flow. It moves and dances with the cycles of nature. More times than not we have to override these natural rhythms in order to operate in society. For many, literally getting into nature is the most healing practice they can do!

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Huge love and thank you for being a part of ReWilding!
Sabrina Lynn and the ReWilding Team