Money & Spirituality: Coming into Right Relationship with Money — Episode 82

This discussion explores our unconscious patterning around money and offers energetic practices that help us to step further into our own unique expression of “right relationship” with money.

Topics Explored in Episode 82:

  • Money as Shakti! As pure, raw energy!
  • Allowing ourselves to dance with it, to let it flow in and out of our lives without fear.
  • The “sitting on your wallet” practice
  • What it actually means to be in “right relationship” with money.


Full video episode here…

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Show notes…

0:01 – Introduction, announcements and invitations! See below under the “additional resources” section for more info and links to resources mentioned during the beginning of the episode!

7:00 – Invitation to use this episode as an opportunity to explore what comes up for you as we discuss the different avenues that our relationship with money is rooted in. Honoring the yes’s and no’s that arise in your system.

12:00 – Honoring the fact that money represents safety and security for us, just as hunting and gathering used to be for our ancestors.

15:55 – The Divination of money. Money as pure, raw energy.  Working through your relationship and expression of it. Just like the archetypes, it passes through different purification phases before being able to move through you as pure, undistorted, raw, Divine energy!

21:45 – Invitation to feel into the reaction that our systems have when inviting Masculine energy in as a way to compare how our systems respond when inviting money energy in.

25:00 – “It’s so hard to wiggle out of the deep shit that is enmeshed around our deep beliefs around money!”  Money is so distorted in our collective and it is so well-protected in our systems. It lives in the lowest chakra. It represents safety and security, so it taps us into our animal instincts where so many fears around survival live.

27:00 – Those doing the work to get into right relationship with money (and sexuality) are on the forefront of human evolution. There is a reason why so many religious traditions swore off money, sex and intimate relationships! They are not easy areas to Divinize! The Feminine embodiment path leads to the divination of all aspects of life, of Self!

30:00 – When in right relationship with money, the expression of it does not matter. How much or little you have does not matter. Money is Shakti! Can you let yourself dance with it? Can you let it flow in and out without fear?

34:00 – When our soul signed the contract before saying yes to this life, it missed the fine print “P.S this is the state of the world.”

35:30 – Honoring the three avenues in which money energy flows. #1: The Karmic aspect. Many of us took vows of poverty in past lives “either you follow God or you follow average society.” #2: The ancestral lines carry our money energy. What were your family experiences around safety, security, and survival? #3: The swamp we live in! Where the collective’s energy is at around money. All of the messaging that we are constantly getting battered with.

Resources Mentioned in the Show…

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  1. Alived on March 5, 2020 at 2:42 am

    Wow, I would say much better than the live and so glad is outside facebook! So much energy money, sex, death you brought all the guests in! Just wanna say thank you for allowing, oh my never want to think about money but the truth is I want to drink some milk or pay my ‘energy’ bills I do think about it every singe day! Good opening to give it an energy body, colour, flow, label, image…. so difficult but so transforming… thank you Sabrina!