Healing is F*#king Messy – Traversing Through a Dark Night of the Soul— Episode 81

In this episode we get radically honest about what the healing and awakening path can look like at times! It’s definitely not all peaches and cream, unicorn farts and rainbows. It can be extraordinarily messy, uncomfortable and even scary when you find yourself in a place of deep transformation or a dark night of the soul.

Topics Explored in Episode 81:

  • The dark night of the soul
  • Specific signs and symptoms of the Feminine awakening path
  • The spiritual principle of “know thyself”
  • Self-care during these challenging times


Full video episode here…


2:00 – Getting real about what comes up when deep healing work is being done. Honoring the hopelessness, loss, gut-wrenching heartache, and all the f*cking “why’s?”.

6:00 – Oftentimes we step onto a healing path and then realize that the divine has just tricked us! It’s not just about the simple little issue you were hoping to heal; it’s about opening to the ultimate reality and true nature of all of life itself!

8:00 – The mind has such a hard time sitting in the mystery of awakening. When healing occurs in the areas of the body that the wound is sitting in, oftentimes the mind freaks out because it can’t comprehend what is happening.

12:45 – Shock, fear, panic sets in because you haven’t been on the path long enough to realize the deep body wisdom that is happening. The Cocoon analogy —turning back is too late! The Divine has already got you!!! 😉

16:30 – Walking this path you will go through a billion deaths and you will enter into the cocoon phase again and again. Get to know your markers!

17:15 – Honoring how f*ucking uncomfortable the cocoon phase is! “Know Thy Self” and mark it!!! When you go into that first “Dark Night of the Soul”, mark it! Coming out to a place of witness — What are the feelings, emotions, projections?

20:00 – Bringing consciousness into the bones as an example for some of the markers that come up. The feeling of old toxic sludge leaching out, the detoxifying feeling, the yuck!

25:00 – The dangerous aspect — get to know your physical supports, but remember there is no pushing! On the flip side, don’t let yourself delay. Trust in the Divine Timing!

28:00 – Being so conscious in this cocoon! Meaning there is a lot of unconscious energy floating around in your system that is transmuting. Own it, allow it and be compassionate with Self during this process!

32:00 –  Back to the “The Danger Zone” — being so conscious that you are “in it”. Know that it’s a slippery place where you will fall off center point. You will act, speak and do from a place of untruth.

33:00 – In summary – 1.) Know your markers! Come into witness space and even allow/ask others to tell you when you are there. 2.) If you are at the start, YAY! You get to learn! Move through with child-like curiosity knowing that all of you is changing! 3.) Be radically honest and trust in Divine Timing!

38:00 – Again, honor these liminal places; they are part of the embodiment path!

Additional Resources: Self-Care and Supporting Your Awakening Experience…

We have a wonderful resource we’d love to share with you! This list of suggested support and self-care ideas was co-created by our beautiful community! We hope it supports you!

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Sabrina Lynn


  1. Kirstin on February 27, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    I have been in a very intense dark night of the soul since mom died 4 years ago. A Huge existential crisis.
    My entire existence and all of life from beginning of time under scrutiny with loads of regret, guilt, fear, anxiety,
    It is very serious. Resisting all the nudges from the universe. I wrote about it here

  2. Nicola Jabe on February 28, 2020 at 3:27 pm

    No words for how Perfect this was for me right now.

    I need to remember to come back to this every time I feel like I am really pushing my accident recovery journey uphill.

    So much Gratitude for the countless pearls of wisdom this podcast contains.