The Unseen Realms: Psychic Free Radicals, Projections, Emotional Cords, etc. — Episode 80

In this episode we explore ways to build our psychic immune systems and ways to stay open, loving and centered in Self, despite external influences and agendas.

Topics Explored in Episode 80:

  • Honoring our increasing awareness of the unseen realms
  • Learning to dwell in a “high love space” when psychic free radicals are at play
  • Coming to a place in Self where our Feminine gifts of receptivity and empathy are fully open
  • Using our increased awareness of the unseen realms to evolve and to support a new way of living that are more in tune with the natural forces and rhythms of life


Full video episode here…


2:00 – Invitation to stay open, to not go into a place of fear or over-protection as we deepen into this topic that has the potential to make you feel extremely vulnerable.

7:00 – Honoring the feminine gifts of sensitivity and empathy. Setting the intention for this conversation to help us find the place within Self where we can stay open and receptive without it being harmful to ourselves or our environments.

11:00 – Invitation to invoke a safe space within Self by opening up to your various wisdom centers and your central channel.

15:00 – Honoring and becoming more conscious of the unseen free radicals around us. Even coming to a place of love and respect for these unseen forces that influence our energy, our moods, our emotions and our psyches.

24:00 – We tend to default to an overprotective, fear-based place when we become aware of these unseen forces. However, “High Soul Love Space” is actually the safest physic place to be, the highest level of psychic immunity exists here.

27:00 – Projections being a form of spell casting. Most commonly taking place in intimate relationships.

32:00 – Becoming conscious of psychic dynamics in relationships. Is it serving you? If not, what is the cost to get out of or shift these dynamics?

36:00 – Looking at it from a purely Feminine perspective, the ability to tap into the unseen, the undercurrents, and the shadows. What are the psychic games that you are playing? Are you coming from a place of fear, are you even unconsciously manipulating?

41:00 – Coming to a place where we are fully aware of psychic projections, yet we are not affected, we do not contract or put up unnecessary barriers. We stay in full love and acceptance, whether coming from others or from Self. Using this heightened awareness to raise our consciousness, to evolve.

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