RW 149 – ReWilding Distilled: 7 Steps to Heal/Shift/Transform Anything in Your Life

Imagine if you could heal anything. Imagine if healing wasn’t some mystery, but a clear process you could see laid out in front of you. And then imagine if you could use the same steps for emotional processing, physical healing, or energetic releasing… That’s EXACTLY what this video is: ReWilding’s distilled 7 steps for healing anything and everything.

This is the exact same process I walk the participants of my deepest-diving programs through, put into a 35 minute episode for you. Listen now to see which step you might have been missing… and which step you need to focus on right now.

Topics Explored in 7 Steps to Heal Anything:

  • (Times based off audio version.)
  • First Step – The original meaning of the phrase “becoming conscious” (7:06)
  • Second Step – Which flies in the face of positive thinking and Law of Attraction (10:17)
  • Third Step – Where the LIFE-CHANGING insights often reveal themselves (17:32)
  • Fourth Step – Why “embodiment” not just a trend (24:36)
  • Fifth Step – Maybe the hardest step… (29:34)
  • Sixth Step – Maybe the most externally transformational step! (31:53)
  • Seventh Step – When the block or wound truly becomes “enlightened” (34:09)
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