The Hidden Power and Gifts of the Dark Feminine — Episode 78

Exploring all that’s locked away in the deep recesses of the forbidden Feminine psyche. There’s love and there’s magic but there’s often a shadow that sits atop that.

Other topics we explore in the episode:

  • Kali, Lilith and the other Dark Goddesses
  • How unconscious, repressed Feminine energy shows up in our daily lives
  • Feminine shadow work
  • Accessing the deep, ancient, primordial wisdom within

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Show Notes:

1:00 – Introduction of the episode and invitation to join us in the KALI Online Retreat!

6:15 – One of the gifts in working with the Dark Goddess is that she opens up the deep, ancient, primordial wisdom that has been shut off in many of us.

7:55 – The Dark Goddess is in everything! Archetypes are a vortex of energy that is within us and without. It’s in every human, it’s in the collective, it’s in the cosmos!

10:35 – Astrologically, Black Moon Lilith just moved into Aries and Kali just moved into Libra — they’re in direct opposition to one another!

11:00 – The ROAR of the repressed Feminine is currently so loud! The pain, the anger, the rage and the grief are still sitting in our systems because of the way we have ALL (both men and women) treated the Feminine, because of the way we have all repressed her energy within ourselves!

15:00 – The Dark Goddess takes you into the deep, unconscious places. These places are often the reason we still play small, the reason why we don’t step into what we’re called to, and the reason why why we still don’t trust our deepest knowings!

23:36 – How to consciously work with the Dark Goddess.

33:00 – KALI Online Retreat— announcement and invitation to join!

37:00 – Invitation to slow down and become more aware of our unconscious patterning so that we can bring love and consciousness to these places.

Things Mentioned in the Show…

KALI Online Retreat is happening!! This was the program mentioned, you can find all the information page HERE.

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Huge love and thank you for being a part of ReWilding!
Sabrina Lynn and the ReWilding Team


  1. Nella on February 14, 2020 at 5:56 am

    This to me means owning the abuser, the narcicist, the victim in me. Which is really fucking scary and difficult to face.. so thank you thank you thank you for episode 79 where you talk about applying Shivas’s unconditional love to these parts. Thank you so much for what you do 💜💜💜