Thank You for Joining Us for the 6 Faces Live Virtual Retreat!

We're so excited for our journey together!

We will officially kick off the retreat at 9am US PT, on Friday, July 16th! But that doesn't mean the journey hasn't already begun...

Retreat w Sabrina

First, if it feels right, we invite you to take a moment to honor this decision and to thank yourself for it.

It's no small feat to prioritize yourself, your growth and your potential in this world. So take a moment to give yourself some love and some gratitude in whatever way feels right, knowing you have already taken the hardest step of saying "yes"! And to know that I, Sabrina, and the team have just received word you are joining us and are doing the same for you!

Second, check you inbox!

In the next 15 minutes you'll receive your retreat welcome email! In this email you'll find access details to your member's area, along with the Zoom link that we will be using for the entire virtual retreat.

You might have to look for the email in your Spam or Promotions folder. If you can't find it, email us at and we'll get you access ASAP!

Retreat w Sabrina

Finally, if you want some ReWilding right now now, we have a number of options for you!

Check out the ReWilding for Women podcast and/or YouTube channel, and follow your intuition to whatever episodes feel right! Remember, there is no "right" way, only the way that's true for you.

Consider joining our ReWilding for Women + Sabrina Lynn Facebook Group, where we regularly host discussions and LIVEs on topics such as the feminine mysteries, soul alignment, shadow work, sacred sexuality. (Please note that, unlike this retreat, this group is also open to men.)

Can't wait to sit in circle with you, woman!
And remember to check your inbox! 😉