Divine Feminine Mysteries Webinar

Explore the Gifts of the Medicine Woman, the High Priestess and the Dark Goddess

Below you'll find the 60-minute webinar we held just before the start of last year's Mystery School. If you're curious about Mystery School you can learn more HERE! 🌀💛

What You'll Find in this Webinar:

To help prepare us for the journey ahead, Sabrina gives us a taste of Mystery School with teachings from the divine feminine archetypes of the medicine woman, the high priestess, and the dark goddess. She takes us into the parts of ourselves that are scared, that are fierce and that are sacred. And she teaches us how we can support this sacred journey, and every sacred journey, with our vulnerability and authenticity.

The deeper the roots, the higher the branches.

This is such an important teaching of the divine feminine path, one we often have to learn ourselves when reclaiming our divine feminine energy, our feminine power and our ancient intuition.

Because when you are rooted in your truth, your knowings and your soul to a depth you never dreamed possible, you can reach heights, open doors, awaken gifts you never dreamed real.

  • Experience the energetic transmissions that come through in a Women's Wisdom Circle
  • Open to the mysteries of the cyclical, ever-changing, death-rebirth nature of feminine wisdom
  • Learn to flow with (and even embrace) change and transformation, instead of fighting and resisting it
  • Practices and ways of being that take you into the deep, bone-knowing of the feminine mysteries
  • The power and necessity of medicine woman roots, how they ground us in our truth
  • Isis, Egyptian goddess, high priestess of third-eye awakening, sex magic, alchemical transmutation, and more
  • Owning your “no” with the dark goddess, for the betterment of yourself and of the world
  • The power of your vulnerability, your authenticity, your full presence and how it grounds and uplifts whatever Circle you’re in

Want to Learn More About the Retreat?

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To learn more about the program that inspired this Wisdom Circle and possibly even retreat with us, here are all the details for our 7-day Birthing a New World Retreat.

What Women Are Saying About This Retreat...

"I was not expecting the gifts that keep pouring out of this retreat… Every day something else shifts and aligns in me… I am content and joyful in each moment, eager to see the wisdom and love in each one. [It] gets easier every day for me to just be me, to be joy and love."
~ Sofia

"Thank you for leading this way to freedom and creating a fresh, love-powered, new world. My brain literally got rewired and I feel so ready to serve the world from a more whole, soul-filled, love-filled space!"
~ Fulye