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Want to Take Your Journey Deeper?

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Right now, you can get the online workshops of all 6 Faces of the Feminine for the price of 4!!

The 6 Faces of the Feminine include:

6face Medicine


Heals wounds associated with the reclamation of the full feminine (like the witch wound) and helps to unlock our deeply held esoteric wisdom and gifts.

6face Mother


Heals the inner child, mother wounds, ancestral trauma and deepens our connection to our innate body wisdom, natural rhythms and more feminine-aligned ways of creating in the world.

6face Lover


Heals our relationship to our bodies, our feminine nature, our beauty and our sexuality so that we may experience more love, more bliss, more vibrancy and more joy in every aspect of our lives.

6face Warrior


Gives us the strength to find our voice, speak our truth, set strong boundaries, stand in our knowings, stay soul-aligned and manifest our deepest desires into the physical world.

6face Goddess


Helps us release our deepest traumas, deepest fears and most unconscious blocks and patterns from this life, past lives, ancestral lines, and absorbed collective energies. She is a fierce champion of our souls and will stop at nothing to remove any obstacles holding us back from our deepest truths and highest potentials!

6face Mystic


Awakens us to the experience and the embodiment of mystical truths, higher states of being and divine consciousness. She opens and guides us toward a soul-aligned life that's in accordance with our deepest, truest, fullest selves.


You Can Get All 6 Faces of the Feminine for the Price of 4!

(That's a $94 savings!)

You'll receive a separate online program for each Face of the Feminine. Each individual workshop contains:

  • Introductory video
  • 2 -3 workshop modules in both video and audio formats (minimum of 60 mins)
  • PDF download with a minimum of 3 deepening practices
  • Spotify playlist
  • Bonus PDF or video to support the journey


Profoundly positive impact on my life

"Amazing! It is the deepest, most transformational work I’ve accessed online and the safest, most lovingly powerful, no-bullshit sisterhood with true support. I feel it’s having a profoundly positive impact on my life, growth and healing."
~ Stacey

The videos are so powerful!

"The videos are so powerful - the practices and space that you open have shifted SO much for me. It is hard to even describe."
~ Sarah

I am eternally grateful I have found ReWilding.

"I literally have recommended ReWilding to every woman I know. I have experienced things in ReWilding that I would never have known possible. So many of the teachings seem mystical but logical at the same time and I find myself saying, 'Why didn't I think of that, it makes so much sense!' I am eternally grateful I have found ReWilding."
~ Stefanie

I didn't expect it to feel like I was in an actual workshop

"I didn't expect it to feel like I was in an actual workshop. I love it. I love the physicality and depths and heights, as well as the tools that are given."
~ Katie

Stepping into Your All-ness

With more than 6 hours of ReWilding online workshops, you'll be able to open to and reclaim all 6 aspects of the Feminine from the comfort of your own home.

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Just $188 (that's a $94 savings)


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If you don’t absolutely LOVE our ReWilding For Women 6 Faces Online Workshops — or don’t feel that it meets your needs — please contact ​​​​​​​within 24 hours of your purchase and we’ll issue you a full refund.

When you journey through these online workshops, you'll be planting 38 trees!


Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding For Women, has lead over 50,000 women and men around the world through Divine Feminine awakening, embodiment, and reclamation.

After searching for years for modalities and traditions that could help her find what she was seeking, she finally blazed her own trail. Fifteen years later, Sabrina has designed and developed remarkably effective practices that take participants deep beyond the conscious mind, into the realms of the body and psyche where true, lasting transformation lies.

With a global following of over 200,000, she is rapidly becoming a thought-leader for bringing spirit and soul into daily life.

Her mission is to help the world remember what the Divine Feminine has to offer: that you don't need to be a monk on a mountaintop to find enlightenment. You can live each day connected to the All of Everything while paying your bills, folding your laundry, making mistakes, making love...