RW 145 – WTF: 5 Realities of Feminine Awakening I Wish I Had Known Sooner

If you have hit a stage of feminine awakening that is making you say “WTF?!” this episode is for you! (Or if you want to be prepared for what’s coming!) Learn 5 realities of feminine spiritual awakening that I wish I had known about when I was starting out.

These nitty gritty details of the feminine awakening path may get left out of mainstream conversations… But understanding the unexpected bumps and turns can only make you more prepared to handle them all with grace.



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Topics Explored in Realities of Feminine Awakening:

  • (Times based off audio version.)
  • What to expect and why in terms of body aches, scrambled thinking and emotional purges (6:18)
  • Why ignoring your masculine while awakening your feminine is irresponsible (10:31)
  • How life can actually get more uncomfortable as you bring more of your feminine online—but in 100% service to your soul evolution (21:21)
  • The gifts of becoming an empath on steroids, and feeling your connection to all things (24:18)
  • The foundational shift you will experience when you walk the feminine path long enough, which ensures you will never feel unfulfilled or unloved again (28:20)


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