RW 150 – F*ck the Holiday To-Do List: What Do YOU Need? (5 Practices to Figure It Out)

During the eclipse/holiday season, it’s easy to feel disconnected, lost and overwhelmed. In this episode, we arm ourselves with “Holiday Season Spirituality:” love bombs and soulful practices we can use to feel grounded and reconnected, anytime, anywhere. We also invite divine feminine energy to burn through our blocks so that we don’t just get through the holiday season, but use it as a pressure cooker to bring us closer to our own soul’s highest potential!

Topics Explored in Holiday Season Spirituality:

  • (Times based off audio version.)
  • Soul practice for aligning with your central column to stay grounded, centered and fulfilled as much as possible during the holiday season (11:05)
  • Shakti practice to burn through what no longer serves and liberate you to your next highest state of being (23:30)
  • Why now it’s so important to live authentically and realize where you are compromising yourself (50:45)
  • Three things we can do to honor our soul for the rest of this year and beyond (53:30)
  • LIMITED-TIME invite to join the Living Close to the Bone community. (59:48)
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