Welcome to Gift of the Mysteries !

You are now fully registered for Gift of the Mysteries, which is the entire first week of Mystery School Online, beginning July 20th. We are so honored and excited to share the Mysteries with you in this way, at this time!

You'll receive a welcome email in your inbox within the next 15 minutes with details about our week-long Mystery journey. If you don’t see an email by then, please check your spam and promotions folders. If it's not there, email us at support@rewildingforwomen.com and we'll get you access straight away!

Stay tuned for emails starting with [Mystery Gift]

You'll want to stay tuned to your inbox a few days before and during the week of July 20th, look out for email subject lines starting with [Mystery Gift]. These emails will contain all the important details on how to access your member’s area and updates on when the workshops, explorations and bonus materials get released over the course of the week!

Access from 20-27 July 2020

For those who are only called to join us for Gift of the Mysteries (which we totally honor, love and respect!) you will have access to your free week of Mystery from 20-27 July 2020, US Pacific Time. Closing the Gift of the Mysteries space is energetically important for Sabrina, the Mystery School support team and the Circle of women embarking on the full Mystery School journey – thank you for understanding and honoring this!

If you're like one of the many women curious about Mystery School now, we invite you to keep reading! You are so very welcome to fully step into the Mystery School Circle TODAY, which we know is important for some women (more on that below!).

Mystery School Online

You might find that you are already looking beyond the Gift of the Mysteries, straight to Mystery School, ready to dive into the 3-month journey. We fully honor that and want to make it possible for you to embark upon this journey in whatever way MOST supports you, including giving you the option to step into Mystery School right now.

We know that many women in our community have been waiting a long time for this offering and we also know that, for some, it's important to set their intentions, their minds and their energetic space for the full 3-month Mystery School journey right from the very start.

If you feel like that might be you, the next best step would would be to check out the full details of Mystery School HERE (also found at the other Mystery School links on this page).

If you do step into Mystery School today, you'll be receiving the biggest, warmest welcome from Sabrina and the entire Mystery School support team (there's 8 of us right now)! You'll also receive a personal email formally welcoming you to Mystery School, an invitation to the Opening Circle Zoom gathering with Sabrina and the Mystery School support team taking place on 20 July 2020, and an invitation to join the private Mystery School Facebook group, where you can begin to weave and connect with the other women embarking upon the journey. Being in the Facebook group and joining the Opening Circle Zoom gathering are completely optional to the Mystery School journey (more details on the optional components can be found on the Mystery School page).

If you’re not called to step into Mystery School, now or ever, that’s perfect and beautiful! You will be able to sign up for Mystery School from now until the end of Gift of the Mysteries (midnight July 27th, US Pacific Time). If we get just one week together in the Mysteries, it will be lovely to spend that time with you.

See you on July 20th! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns before then at support@rewildingforwomen.com. 🖤

Mystery School Online