RW 132 – Why Finding Your Soul Purpose is so Hard + 5 Steps to do it Anyway

Everyone wants to know what their soul purpose is… as long as it won’t mess up their current lifestyle, it doesn’t require them to step outside their comfort zone, and it stays the same forever. Lol.

Feeling called out? You’re in the perfect place. Come in and sit with us. Because acknowledging that you want your soul purpose to look a certain way, and then accepting it won’t, is the first, liberating step to living soulfully.

In this episode, Sabrina shares five practices for uncovering & embracing your soul purpose, without sugar coating the true process she’s experienced and guided countless others through.

Plus, she announces a brand new monthly membership dedicated to this exact process of walking the razor’s edge of your purpose & potential: Living Close to the Bone. More details below!

Topics Explored in Soul Purpose (times based off audio version):

  • Why it isn’t about discerning soul callings from ego callings (6:24)
  • Why it helps to reframe it from “finding” to “uncovering” your soul purpose (9:40)
  • Busting one of the most common myths about how to recognize your soul purpose (16:48)
  • Practice feeling into your soul’s longing by comparing the masculine & feminine desires (22:33)
  • Details for our new monthly membership, Living Close to the Bone! (29:15)
  • You can also leave a comment or question for Sabrina on the YouTube version of this episode.


Living Close to the Bone: Online Monthly Membership

A monthly membership for those ready to commit to the truth, alignment and transformation required to live your soul purpose and experience soul fulfillment. Everyone is welcome. $40/month.


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