RW 130 – DEATH AS TEACHER: Learn How to Live Life from the Archetype of Death

What if all the energy we spend fighting off endings—of relationships, careers, lives, all of it—isn’t saving us from anything. What if it’s actually pushing us farther from what we crave: a full, true, soulful life?

We think of life and death as opposites, but they are a part of each other. One cannot exist without the other. And therefore we cannot truly know one, without the other either. That doesn’t make death any less painful… but at least we know we will find so much more there than just pain.

Join Sabrina Lynn in this episode for a discussion of the many gifts that the archetype of death, as well as actual death, endings and closures, can give us. And for a couple practices to both bring the wisdom of death into our daily lives, and to dance with death when it arrives unbidden.

Topics Explored in Archetype of Death (times based off audio version):

  • An overview of the many lessons death has to teach us (10:00)
  • Practice to work with death to help you get the most out of life, rather than numbing out (14:45)
  • Practice to come into right relationship with high truth when experiencing a death/ending/closure (25:10)
  • How death teaches us to truly live, and how we can access that razor’s edge right now (33:38)
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