RW 128 – REBEL INITIATION: Without Rebellion, there’s No Enlightenment

“At some point, everyone on the awakening path must rebel, whether it be against their culture, society, family or own fairytale expectations. You will never become your True Self without challenging the systems that asks you to be otherwise.

And Lilith is the archetype to show you how to do that with love, rather than resentment or retaliation.” – Sabrina Lynn

A.k.a., “FUCKING FREEDOM,” as one woman put it in the comments.

This short and sweet episode gets straight into the guts of what holds so many of us back from living aligned with our souls—external pressure and internalized judgement. We want to be what others want us to be and in doing so, we compromise our truth and ourselves.

We can change all that by embracing the Rebel Self & Instinctual Self within.

Lilith Online Workshop & Retreat!

If embracing the wildness within calls to you in anyway checking out our Lilith: Wild Woman Liberation Online Workshop & Retreat. It’s a potent combination of reclamation, empowerment and liberation.

We’re offering two options: one for those who want to experience Lilith without a big commitment, and one for those who are ready to dive into all of Lilith’s liberating gifts!

Topics Explored in Lilith’s Initiation (times based off audio version):

  • Lilith Online Retreat is finally released! (1:45)
  • A rite of passage (that we must give ourselves) in order to embody our soul’s fullness (9:40)
  • Why sometimes we can’t even tell what is true for us (12:07)
  • Why walking into our personal shadowlands is the key to enlightenment (24:58)
  • How emotional PMS can actually be a sign of repression (27:17)
  • The secret to awakening mystical gifts and abilities (30:42)
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