RW 123 – SAGE ADVICE FOR THIS WILD RIDE: “Get the F*ck Out of Your Own Way” & Nine Other Pieces of Wisdom

You can’t “learn” spirituality the way you learned math. You can’t “succeed” at soul work the way you succeed in the corporate world. You won’t “achieve” alignment the way you’ve ever achieved anything before.

We need new systems, values and strategies to get where we’re trying to go.

So in this episode Sabrina Lynn shares her top 10 pieces of spiritual advice for embarking on your journey to soul:

Advice that is foundational to any spiritual journey. Advice that encapsulates high truths in its simplicity.

Join us for one of our audience’s favorite conversations that includes shamanic teachings, Sabrina confessions, and a glimpse of what life could look like on the other side…

This episode was inspired by the 7-day ReUnion Experience challenge, designed to help people remember and reconnect with the vast power, love and purpose that lies within. Now available as The ReUnion Experience online program with instant access and additional bonus workshops and resources. 

Topics Explored in Spiritual Advice – Episode 123:


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