RW 120 – SABRINA LYNN’S JOURNEY: From Depression to Fulfillment to Full-Body Orgasms

How to follow your intuition. Reconnecting with your body and your sexuality. Finding love in every emotion. Why to pray for heartbreak. This is the path of the feminine mystics; this is the life of Sabrina Lynn.

This episode dives into a subject many have been curious about: Sabrina’s path from science-minded corporate climber to feminine embodiment, sacred sexuality, shadow work, spiritual teacher.

She sprinkles in some advice to help you do it too. 😉

And, to help take her into the questions she may be hesitant to answer, is the ReWilding for Women Media Manager, Leona Waller!

Here’s just a few aspects of Sabrina’s spiritual journey they touch on:

  • Her “breaking point” where she left her job and her marriage to follow the spiritual call
  • How she reconciled her science background with her spiritual intuitions
  • Tips for maintaining a spiritual devotion in a surface-level, distraction-addicted society
  • Her journey of embracing and expanding her sexuality into realms of full-body orgasms (during yoga class!)

This is a beautiful episode to help you understand the reality of the spiritual path, or to share if you’re trying to nudge someone into trying ReWilding themselves!

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