KALI: Surrender Your Comfortable Prison & Embrace Your Sacred Rage, with Kenlyn Kolleen – Episode 116

Kali* will stop at nothing to give you your everything.

You may hate her for it, but she does it from a place of such fierce love, our little human minds just can’t understand it.

In this podcast episode, recorded during the 2020 Divine Feminine Summit, Sabrina Lynn weaves with Kenlyn Kolleen through the capacities to both surrender to Kali’s sword of liberation and to wield it yourself with purity, love and devotion.

Because, let’s face it, the world could seriously use it.

Topics Explored in Kali – Episode 116:

  • Understanding the grace and liberation of Kali’s fierce energy.
  • Embodying the feminine publicly & globally for the sake of individual & collective transformation.
  • How Kali’s energy can give us the strength and stamina we need to make the changes we seek.
  • Kali meditation to awaken her liberating love within you.

*Important note

Kali is a Hindu goddess, a thriving religion with over a billion followers worldwide. It is important for you to know that though we work with Kali energy, we are not doing so as Hindu worshippers or experts. She is not ours, we do not claim her. We only hope to honor her and the beautiful tradition she comes from by helping people connect with her powerful energy. You can learn more about the Hindu myth of Kali here.

We also want to honor the energy and culture of Kali by sending love and bringing awareness to the 250 million people currently protesting in India (January 29, 2021), which is the largest known protest in human history. You can learn more about it here.

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Kali Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to ReWilding for Women! This is an interview with Kenlyn Kolleen from the 2020 Divine Feminine Summit. Don’t miss the 2021 Divine Feminine Summit by signing up by February 14th!

2:50 – If she’s calling to you, feel into our Kali Online Retreat.

Interview begins:

4:00 – Describing the energetics of Kali: huge, fierce love that loves you through and beyond your little self.

8:55 – Learning to surrender to the purifying fire of Kali, to the endless death & rebirth of life, to the messy transformation that is your soul’s growth.

14:15 – The truth of Kali is so much bigger than her surface-level depiction as rage, destruction, death. She is pure and fierce devotion to truth and liberation.

17:00 – Personal awakening experience with Kali energy.

22:30 – Kali and the other dark goddesses are currently telling us that it’s time to embody divine feminine energy not just in sacred & safe spaces, but in our whole lives, in the whole world.

26:50 – The dark goddesses are also giving us the stamina, toughness, boundaries to stay fully open, fully embodied, fully present in a world that is on fire—and to fight for what’s right.

29:45 – Kali forces us to to heal our wounds, face our shadows, align with our higher selves so we can fight with love instead of fear.


31:20 – Kali goddess activation


43:45 – Integrating the insights of the meditation: burning away everything that isn’t soul; the feminine taking her seat beside the masculine…



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