DIVINE FEMININE FOUNDATIONS: Learn to Walk this Earth, Embodied & Divine – Episode 114

Imagine working with a teacher that knows you better than you know yourself. That sees what you’re truly capable of and knows the path to take you there. That loves you unconditionally, unreservedly, eternally.

Yes. Her. Imagine her.

This is the energy, the life-force, the love that many spiritual traditions, old and new, have come to call the Divine Feminine.

Equally effervescent and inexorable, her essence is impossible to capture in words. But we will try.

In this episode, Sabrina Lynn explains the foundational concepts of the Divine Feminine: what she is, how we can intentionally work with her, and why we would want to. The why is the biggest one.

Because she can show us the way to walk this earth without needing to escape.

She can teach us to dance, to feel, to own both joy and grief with equal abandon.

And she knows how to be fully present in this body, in this world, and bring the divinity down to meet her, instead of floating away to find it.

Tall order, I know. But she’s up to it.

Don’t wait another moment to begin your journey with her.

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Topics Explored in Divine Feminine – Episode 114:

  • What is the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, and their Sacred Union
  • How working with the Divine Feminine can ignite deep healing & profound transformation
  • Divine Feminine practices you can weave into your every day life
  • FREE Journey with ancient Divine Feminine archetypes: Birthing a New World Mini-Series


Watch the Divine Feminine video episode here…


Divine Feminine Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to ReWilding for Women! This is my attempt to bring words to the Divine Feminine. Hang out until the end, there’s a gift take will take you into the experience and energetics of her!

2:30 – The lecture of a lifetime: the 5 most important things to know about the Divine Feminine.

First thing to understand about her: what she is not.

4:15 – She is beyond the mind, beyond intellect, beyonds logic, beyond words. She is energetic, she is free-flowing, she is mythical and mystical.

5:50 – She is not specific to women, she is in everything and everyone. She not outside of us, she’s in us. We just need to bring consciousness to her to work with her.

Second thing to understand about her: she is experience, and her partner is consciousness.

8:00 – If you split the full divine in two, one half is the Divine Masculine: the witness, pure consciousness. And she is the other half: the full spectrum of expression, experience, life. And when they make love, they create the universe.

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17:35 – Feeling into the Divine Masculine, as a comparison to the Divine Feminine.

20:10 – Feeling into the fullness of the Divine Feminine.

Third thing to understand about her: the gifts of working with her archetypes.

23:35 – Working with the fullness of Shakti can be too much. But working with a thread of her, a goddess archetype, is much more accessible, and helps us find where we have blocks to her full energy.

26:30 – Working with the archetype of Venus, goddess of love, as an example.

30:00 – Why work with her and her archetypes? Because she opens us up to experiencing the full divinity of life, without escaping or bypassing. Life becomes divine. Our bodies become divine. She can shift, heal, transform anything.

Fourth thing to know about her: You can’t access her through the mind.

34:20 – Embodiment: You can embody either feminine or masculine archetypes, both are Shakti practices.

38:45 – Transmission: Being around a Shakti-filled person can help you feel and flow with her energy.

40:15 – Earth & body-based practices.

41:05 – Surrendering, being open, receptive, trusting.

Fifth thing to know about her: She is an energy, but also so much more.

43:05 – She can communicate with you through symbols, through the natural world, through the human world, she can mess with electronics, she can knock a book off the shelf.

Practices to intentionally work with her:

45:15 – Feeling into rhythms & cycles: breath, moon, ocean, sunrise & sunset. Getting into nature. Flowing, intuitive movement. Sound, singing, music. Archetypal explorations.

FREE 3-part journey into the Divine Feminine!

50:00 – A combination of transmission, activation, and archetypal embodiment: Birthing a New World Mini-Series!


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