WILD HEART: Connecting Our Loving Heart to Our Lower Chakra Wildness – Episode 108

Where does the wildness in Wild Heart come from? And what makes a heart truly wild and free?

When is the last time you’ve let your heart love uninhibitedly, creatively, and with potency?

And how do you connect your heart energy with your lower chakra energy?

In this episode we explore exactly that… how to unblock that which stands in the way of living from the place of Wild Heart!

Topics Explored in Wild Heart – Episode 108:

  • Connecting your heart/love to your sexuality/lower chakras
  • Loving through the old patterning, social constructs and norms
  • Moving beyond pain and accessing your juice, your life, love, potency, and your soul fire
  • Uncaging ourselves to love freely and love wildly, radically, fiercely, and with vulnerability
  • The Persephone Online Retreat is now available! Perfect way to deepen in…

*Please note that the coupon code mentioned in this episode has expired.

Watch the Wild Heart video episode here…

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Wild Heart Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to Episode 108! This episode is all about moving past limitations/armoring around our heart.

0:36 – Also about connecting our heart to the power/juice/potency/creativity that resides in our lower chakras.

2:30 – If you’re up for joining us LIVE, please do! Happening on Saturdays, 11:00am US Pacific Time.

3:57 – Start of the LIVE. This episode is inspired by our Persephone Online Retreat. For more on Persephone, check out Episode 106.

4:41 – Connecting the fullness of heart energy to the power held in the lower chakras is also Workshop #4 in the Persephone Online Retreat (and the retreat is out and available!)

6:34 – When you feel into Wild Heart, what comes up for you? 

9:15 – When did we lose our uncaged, unbridled capacity to love freely? 

10:10 – Practice 1: How can I love in a way that is a bit more free? A bit more wild? A bit more uninhibited?

11:11 – How can we come into a more wild way of loving? Feel into Persephone’s ability to love the unlovable.

12:47 – To love wildly, beyond social constructs, beyond norms is fierce, radical, wild love.

13:22 – What’s an example where you had the capacity to love the unlovable?

14:25 – Finding a way to love — they’re just souls.

22:22 – Practice 2: Feeling into Wild Heart that is not distorted/dulled/dim in any way…

24:40 – We often forget we can tap into this element of innocence/youthfulness at any time. Persephone reminds us of that.

26:33 – Part of this Persephone Online Retreat is connecting heart and love to the raw, wild potency in our lower chakras.

27:55 – Sexuality is beyond sex — it’s juice, the raw essence of creative life force .

29:28 – Our authentic essence is connected to Wild Heart.

31:06 – Our sexual potency is our youthfulness, vivaciousness, our vibrancy/radiance/life force itself.

31:46: Practice 3: If you were going to pry open parts of yourself in order to have access to more of your juice/life force/essence, where would you pry open?

32:27 – Yes, you might see some grief/pain if you open. There might be some wounds/ancestral/past life stuff. But what’s under there is YOU!

35:50 – Practice 4: Asking lower chakras, “If I was going to support your healing/opening, what could I do?”
36:56 – Practice 5: What can I do to support this next step in my evolution? (And then TRUST it!)

37:55 – Hear the wisdom/insight/guidance (it’s always talking).

38:11 – There is such a potential for us to live from a deeper place, a more authentic place, a truer place, a more blissful place, a more soul-filled place, a Wild Heart place.

40:01 – We will do something for the men in our community (don’t know when or how it’s coming, but it’s coming).

41:44 – Persephone Online Retreat starts in less than a week (at least the retreat release period; it’s evergreen!)

43:03 – Comments, likes, shares, subscribes on the video and YouTube channel are incredibly amazing and supportive

43:25 – So much love and gratitude!


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