HEALING THE WITCH WOUND: The Burning of the Witches and our Psyches – Episode 107

The Witch Wound holds a massive amount of energy in our collective and individual psyches. Healing it is a key in opening up to the mysteries within.

We dedicate this week’s episode to the keepers of these mysteries and all they have sacrificed. In it, we discuss how the witch killings have affected our psyches, and how healing will unlock dormant gifts and abilities.

Recorded on Halloween/Beltane/Samhain, as well as a full moon (and a blue moon!), this episode pays homage to the past, while looking forward to a future. A future where all our gifts are safe to be seen as the divine love expressions that they truly are.

If you are interested in healing the Witch Wound, the Medicine Woman online workshop is a great place to start. Additionally, we’ll be continuing our conversations on our YouTube LIVEs and we hope to see you there!

Topics Explored in Healing the Witch Wound – Episode 107:

  • How the Witch Wound affects us and what’s underneath it
  • Seeking truth through skepticism
  • Opening up to Medicine Woman gifts and dormant capacities
  • Honoring the ancestors and those to come
  • Deepen in with the Medicine Woman online workshop!

*Please note that the coupon code mentioned in this episode has expired.

Watch the Healing the Witch Wound video episode here…

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Healing the Witch Wound Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to Episode 107, which we are recording on Halloween/Beltane/Samhain/Blue Moon/Full Moon in Taurus

2:00 – In this episode, we talk about the Witch Wound and the unconscious material that might be sitting there that’s preventing us from doing what we’re really called to do

3:15 – Start of LIVE. We don’t get to see the mysteries until we’re ready to see the mysteries

4:40 – Seeking for something through skepticism that the deeper part of Self is longing for and knows to be true

7:07 – Sometimes, it’s not just that we aren’t tuning our radio dial to seeing it, but we also don’t believe that it exists

9:12 – Practice 1: Getting radically honest with ourselves, think back to a time when we were in denial/didn’t see something, and then the whole thing got shifted on its head

11:02 – Imagine if our dormant capacities came online

13:09 – Imagine the kind of environment and the changes that we would need to make to support all our gifts

14:00 – Most of us were trained to deny our emotions and trained to not read the intelligence in our emotions

16:12  – Going deeper than the just facts and asking what the witch killings have done to the psyche

18:01 – Fear of shining too brightly, being too much to handle, judged/ostracized, and a deep fear of being hurt or killed for being you and fully opening up to your gifts, your weirdness, etc.

19:01 – If you were to fully open up, what do you think would happen?

21:25 – Flip side is the fear of hurting someone else/misusing powers

22:50 – Going into these places is so valuable and worthwhile, as we don’t even know what it is that’s holding us back

24:05 – It’s about being able to feel into the deepest truth and know that you have the capacity to follow what it is that’s true for you

27:27 – Practice 2: (from Clarissa Pinkola Estes) Mark a cross on every loss you’ve encountered as a way to honor it with reverence and move on from it

29:00 – A big part of what this work is about is allowing love to express through us in a trillion different ways because we don’t have residual stuff blocking us

30:10 – Denying your gifts to the world is denying your true soul’s expression and your true love

31:00 – Practice 3: How is love wanting to express itself through me in a medicine woman/midwife capacity/earthy/seasons/blood mysteries way?

33:20 – Honoring all those who have come before us and all those who will come

34:11 – Medicine Woman workshop available online to go further 

34:50 – We are currently creating the Persephone Online Retreat.

35:22 – Leave any poems, words, pictures, or anything that relates to this topic in the comments

35:55 – We’re also having chats about this in our Facebook group if you want to jump on and get inside scoop on what’s going on

36:20 – Gratitude and closing comments!

*Please note that the coupon code mentioned in this episode has expired.

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