LILITH: Seductress, Demoness, Goddess and Wild Woman Awakener – Episode 104

One of the most yearned for energies on Earth right now is the sacred expression of Lilith.

We’ve seen so much of her other stages already. The distorted. The dormant. Our souls want more. We crave to express Lilith in her divine form.

That, however, is going to take radical honesty and curiosity unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Lilith shines a light on that which we most want to hide… that which we most want to deny. 

Today’s episode serves as both a collective lamp and individual invitation, beckoning you to step up and be your own light, shining your truth on your darkest of shadows.

If you would like to go further with Lilith, you can check out the Dark Goddess workshop and hold the intention to work with her experientially. Additionally, if you’d like to join us LIVE for the filming of our podcast episodes, please join us on YouTube on Saturday, 17 October at 11:00am US Pacific Time for the next LIVE!

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Topics Explored in Lilith – Episode 104:

  • The three stages of Lilith: dormant, distorted, and divine
  • Why working to live from the divine expression of Lilith is one of the best gifts you can give
  • How to move through the different stages to express Lilith sacredly
  • Check out the Dark Goddess workshop to work with Lilith more experientially 

Lilith Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome to Episode 104, a rather fiery episode all about Lilith

2:24 – This conversation was kicked off in our Facebook group, and if you’re not a member, we’d love to see you there

4:02 – Start of the LIVE portion and stepping in energetically to the Lilith/Dark Goddess/Feminine Mysteries territory

4:45 – How does Lilith FEEL for you?

5:09 – If you haven’t already, check out Episode 103 for a good base leading up to this subject

6:25 – An invitation to share about Lilith in our Facebook group

7:43 – We talked about the three stages of Lilith in a video on Instagram recently and in Episode 103

8:08 – Why would I want to work with an archetypal energy who has a reputation like Lilith’s?

8:48 – Working through distorted Lilith and going beyond it is one of the most grace-filled things we can do for ourselves and our world

9:24 – Most of our world is in first and second stage of Lilith (dormant and distorted)

10:45 – There’s no shame or judgement in this; we are where we are and we’re meant to be where we are

11:17 – Lilith is one of the hardest energies to express sacredly, but the world is yearning for it

12:12 – Stage 2 is a huge process of doing shadow work

13:37 – Practice: Being radically honest and curious with ourselves, where do we just feel that we need to break out of the monotony? Then, going one layer deeper, what’s there? What’s at the guts of that craving?

15:44 – Oftentimes, this brings up things that have been demonized by society

17:27 – Part of the huge gift of working with Lilith in an experiential way is that she will take you to the places that you want to most hide and deny

18:48 – To what degree do you want to claim your Wild Woman??

20:24 – Lilith embraced her wildest, most intense emotions

21:24 – The myth of Lilith

24:40 – Lilith takes you into not just everything hidden in this life, but past lives, karmic backpack, and ancestral lines as well

26:20 – When a woman hits that place of raw emotion, there’s a primal wildness to it, but expression from that place needs to be held in a safe, love-filled space

30:40 – There is such liberation with Lilith

32:25 – In the second stage of Lilith, you can still feel the feminine’s hatred towards the masculine

34:50 – The third stage of Lilith is so glorious — it’s “take no bullshit”, but from a place of love

36:00 – Part of working with the Dark Goddess is that those beautiful, healthy boundaries get created

37:30 – The three stages with any archetype are: dormant, distorted, divine

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40:01 – For those who want to work with Lilith experientially, you can check out the Dark Goddess workshop and hold Lilith intention when you go into it

41:45 – Also the Kali online retreat is great if you want to work more with the Dark Goddess

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